The Excitement of New England Patriots Training Camp

Tom Brady took a few minutes after Sunday's morning practice to sign autographs and interact with fans!

By C.J. Legner 

Fans lined up Sunday morning outside the glorious and beautiful Gillette Stadium eager to watch some football. However, this wasn’t just any ordinary day of the week, but instead, it’s officially the very beginning for the men dressed in red, white and blue, who weren’t playing an opponent, such as the New York Jets or Miami Dolphins, but instead, themselves.

The New England Patriots, who began their preparations for the upcoming 2011 NFL season on Thursday, welcomed hundreds of fans to their magnificent facility to watch the squad stretch, pass, tackle, as well as push one another to the brink.

Yet, despite the July heat and rather early morning, myself, as well as other die-hards screamed, yelled and even screeched, as the Patriots players and coaches marched onto the practice field for their morning session. In fact, some of the biggest ovations were saved for quarterback Tom Brady and newly acquired wide receiver, Chad Ochocinco, but that’s an obvious, right?

After the clapping and screaming was done, fans were treated to a behind the scenes look of the ’11 Patriots and yep, they looked pretty darn good, but I think it’s too early to deem them Super Bowl champions. I mean, hey, it’s one thing to think it, especially now, but another thing to state it like one particular fan who shouted, “We’re Super Bowl bound!”

OK, I’ll admit, I chuckled and laughed when I heard that comment, but hey, so would you, but again, this article isn’t about a particular fan, yet instead, the awesome thing called, “NFL Training Camp.” It’s certainly something everyone and yes, I mean everyone should witness, especially those pigskin die-hards.

The New England Patriots camp experience was a blast and yes, I highly recommend it. I mean, hey, you get to watch a variety of grown men push one another around for their starting jobs, but also meet your favorite stars too.

I wish I could report that Mr. Brady and I had a nice chat after the practice concluded, although that didn’t happen, but maybe, just maybe, it’ll happen in the future, right, Tom?

All in all, I had a blast at the Patriots Training Camp and hope you, as well as others will consider attending one of their open sessions. Once the season begins, they’ll return to closed practices, especially since they won’t want any fan or “spy” to know what head coach Bill Belichick is cooking in the oven.

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