Where is Mr. Albert Haynesworth?

Will Albert Haynesworth remain a member of the New England Patriots this season?

By Matt Noonan 

Anyone want to give up on Albert Haynesworth?

Any chance New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick might decide to cut him?

Hey, it could happen, right?

According to various reports on Tuesday, as well as the past few days, it seems quite obvious that Haynesworth is not a threat, but instead, a distraction. He hasn’t been spotted on the Gillette Stadium practice field and the head coach didn’t seem to mutter any words of wisdom in regards to trading or releasing the defensive lineman.

Hey, Billy, any chance we see Haynesworth on Thursday against the Jacksonville Jaguars?

Yet, doesn’t this whole soap opera seem like yet another failed experiment? Shouldn’t we draw some comparisons to Joey Galloway?

Galloway was acquired by the Patriots in ’09, but didn’t pan out. In fact, he ended up finding a spot with the Pittsburgh Steelers that season, as well as spent ’10 with the Washington Redskins.

Although, I’m not trying to compare Galloway to Haynesworth, but it certainly seems that the NFL’s controversial lineman isn’t exactly doing what many New Englanders thought he’d be doing in August, which is preparing for the upcoming season.

However, despite his absence, the Patriots signed former New York Jets defensive lineman Shaun Ellis and Redskins defensive end, Andre Carter this past weekend. Perhaps this is a sign that the whole, “Haynesworth deal” was a hoax or more a way to keep Pats fans on their toes, yet, no matter what, it just seems that yet again, Belichick is trying to fit a square peg into a round hole.

Will Haynesworth help? Absolutely, but he needs to be on the field, not the locker room, weight room or local Foxborough Starbucks. Belichick has a plan, so let’s hope that he has something up his sleeve because otherwise this particular acquisition will be deemed “Galloway 2.0.”

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