A Special Moment for Dennis Rodman

By Matt Noonan 

Friday evening was a special one, especially for former Chicago Bull, Detroit Piston, San Antonio Spur, Los Angles Laker and Dallas Maverick, Dennis Rodman, who was officially enshrined into the NBA Hall of Fame in Springfield, Massachusetts.

Say what you want about the rebound-machine, but after watching his speech a few times, I got goose bumps.

Rodman, Jordan and Pippen may indeed be the greatest "Big-3" in the NBA!

Rodman, who may indeed be one of the most animated professional athletes of all time was honest, respectful and up-front for roughly 10-minutes. He admitted everything, as well as thanked a few special people, which included his former head coach, Phil Jackson, as well as Bulls teammates, Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen, but also, his wife and mother.

When it came to Jackson, as well as Jerry Buss, James Rich and Chuck Daly, he stated nothing, but positive things for these former NBA sideline generals. In fact, he expressed his gratitude for all of them, especially when he stated the follow:

“Those four guys, man, I mean… a mentor, a father, someone you could look up to, even call any time of the day. [If you] needed a shoulder to cry on or a hand to shake or just speak your mind and these four guys, if you cremated all these four guys and made them into one, they’re pretty much a perfect individual.” 

As stated above, Rodman was nothing, but honest and respectful on Friday evening, which is something we’re not normally used to, right? Heck, how many remember his various antics or crazy moments? I’m sure we all remember those quite fondly.

Yet, all in all, despite causing chaos on and off the court, Rodman deserved his “12-minutes of fame.”

The forward will always be considered one of the best rebounders in the game and surely, one has to wonder, who’ll be the next, Dennis Rodman? Will there ever be a player of his caliber? Who knows, but again, this was a special evening for Rodman, as well as his entire family and the NBA.

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