Eli Manning Talks More About Tom Brady Comment on SportsCenter

Manning came clean on Thursday's SportsCenter, but really, did he want to stir up drama between him and Brady?

By Matt Noonan 

The Eli ManningTom Brady saga continued on Thursday, as the New York Giants quarterback was interviewed on SportsCenter about his confident comments toward the New England Patriots gunslinger.

Here are some highlights from the interview, as well as more “nonsense” that’ll aggravate Patriots fans and possibly the players too.

On his original comment, which was being in the same “class” as Tom Brady:

“I always try to give an honest answer. [On the Michael Kay Show on ESPN 1050AM], he asked, if I thought I was an elite quarterback [and] I think I am. That’s what I work toward every year. I am trying to be the best quarterback that I can be [because] I am not trying to compete against other quarterbacks. I am not trying to be a better quarterback than [Brady]. I am trying to go win games for the Giants. Each year, I try to find things I need to improve on and try to lead our teams to more wins and so that’s what my goal is [because] I wasn’t trying to start any controversy. I thought after the interview, it was a nice little interview and nothing would come out of it and obviously, I am still trying to compete [and] trying to work hard and have a big season this year.”

On all the reaction, hype, buzz and chaos that occurred because of his comment toward Brady:

“I really didn’t know about it for a while. In training camp, we’re in meetings, we’re in practice [and I] don’t have a whole lot of time to read the papers and to watch [television], so I got a voicemail from my dad [Archie Manning] last night [and] sometimes, he knows I’m not keeping up with everything. He gave me the scoop on what was going on and how this thing had taken off… I don’t think I said anything incorrectly, I didn’t say anything [or] trying to bring anybody else down. I am confident in my ability [and] I think with the players that we have and this team that we have, we can be a high-powered offense and score a lot of points and I can be at my best with these guys.”

On improving and becoming a better quarterback:

“You can’t just focus on one thing and obviously last year, we did a lot of good things also [because we were] top-five in total offense, we scored a lot of points [and] I threw 31 touchdowns [and also] didn’t take many sacks. [There are] a lot of good things, but obviously the turnovers were a big problem… I’ve looked at it hard, I’ve tried to see if there’s a theme to anything or what I need to improve on, whether it’s decision making or just a bad throw or certain reads, so that’s something I’m working on to make that will not happen again [because] I don’t consider myself a 25 interception quarterback and I know that just a few years ago in 2008, we set a record for the fewest turnovers in a season with just 13, so that’s what our goal is, [which is] to get back down to that level.”     

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