NFL Preseason Week 3 – News and Notes

Jerod Mayo is focused on making the Patriots final roster!

By Matt Noonan 

Catching up on two weeks of NFL preseason football – always a good time.

Here’s a look at some of the storylines and news of the day, which certainly should raise some brows, enjoy.

* According to various reports coming out of New England Patriots camp, linebacker Jerod Mayo expressed to the media, he hopes to make the final roster cut. OK, great decision on Mayo’s part, especially since this particular comment certainly illustrates the illustrious “Patriots way.” In fact, I am certainly a fan of his decision to state this because it shows his true work ethic. He’s not taking anything for granted, which is always a good sign, but in the end, it’s a given that Mayo will be sporting the “Flying Elvis” on his head this season. Mayo finished the ’10 campaign with two sacks and 175 tackles.

* Earlier this summer, veteran quarterback Kerry Collins stated, he was going to retire, but on Wednesday, he was lured back into the league by Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Isray because of Peyton Manning’s health. As of now, it’s most certain that Manning will miss at least one or two regular season games due to a neck injury and offseason surgery. Collins, who has played 16 seasons in the NFL, will enter his 17th this fall with the Colts.

* Dallas Cowboys linebacker Bradie James stated the following in recent report on

“I think the entitlement kills us. Our alumni, our former greats have made us America’s Team and we reap benefits that we haven’t earned — all the way around, as individuals, as a team. Those guys earned it. We just think we deserve it.”

Well, I guess it’s safe to say, the current Dallas Cowboys squad is feeling some pressure from their alums. OK, well, I guess we’ve finally discovered why the Cowboys have struggled to win their sixth Super Bowl championship in franchise history? Well, again, come up with your own reason or answer, but it’s safe to say, the Cowboys need to discover their own identity, as well as appreciate any guidance or support given to them by Hall of Famers or former legends. Will they be competitive this season? Who knows, but again, as long as they focus on themselves, as well as their current talent, they’ll be able to be somewhat successful.

* Tennessee Titans wide receiver Kenny Brit recently met with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell to discuss his offseason antics. Brit was arrested numerous times this past offseason and will now play the “waiting game,” while the league decides whether they’ll punish him for his behavior. The Titans drafted Brit in ’09 and ever since that glorious day in April, he’s had seven run-ins with the law, which isn’t something to boast or brag about these days.

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