NFL Preseason Week 4 – News and Notes

Troy Aikman and Skip Bayless apparently aren't seeing eye-to-eye these days!

By Matt Noonan 

Week four of the NFL preseason concludes on Thursday, which means the regular season is right around the corner

Here’s a couple of headlines and news from Wednesday afternoon and evening, which you’ll certainly enjoy.

* According to a recent report, former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Troy Aikman admitted on the radio that the next time he sees ESPN’s Skip Bayless, he might take a swing at him. Yet, what exactly prompted Aikman to say these fine words? Well, because Bayless stated in his book, Hell Bent that Aikman was gay. Of course, this statement is incredibly false, so obviously, Aikman does have the right to be angry, however, shouldn’t Bayless apologize for his error? Who knows, but seriously, this isn’t exactly football news, but instead, juicy commentary and gossip.

* The Washington Post published an interesting piece on the Redskins head coach Mike Shannahan, who apparently isn’t “Mr. Nice Guy.” Although, what exactly does that mean? Shannahan didn’t experience the greatest amount of success last season, especially since defensive lineman Albert Haynesworth stole a majority of the headlines before quarterback Donovan McNabb threw a tantrum in October and November. Shannahan knows how to win, so hopefully, this is a sign that things are turning around because otherwise, he, as well as his team will falter, again.

* New England Patriots wide receiver Wes Welker won’t play on Thursday against the New York “Football” Giants due to a recent head injury, which he sustained after a tackle in Detroit last weekend. Although, Welker admitted that the decision to play falls on the shoulders of head coach Bill Belichick and the training staff. Keeping Welker out of Thursday’s game is probably a good decision, especially since it’s the least important preseason game.

* Last Wednesday, I mentioned an interesting story about Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton and his starting job. Well, once again, he’s another important figure this week, especially since Thursday’s game against the Pittsburgh Steelers will decide his role with the team. Yet, no matter the outcome, expect Newton to play a majority of the second half of the upcoming regular season, especially since they’ll have to play him at some point this year, right?

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