Daily Noontime – September 1, 2011!

Did Obama plan to spoil the opening night of the NFL season?

Happy Thursday to everyone, but also, it’s September 1st, wahoo! Yep, that means, 2011 is almost over! OK, let’s not get ahead of ourselves, but really, let’s kick-off the day with some headlines and news! 


* Apparently, President Obama’s speech to the Nation could conflict with the first NFL game of the 2011 season between the New Orleans Saints and Green Bay Packers.

* More news has been released on the latest Madden video game, but this time, it’s about the “franchise mode.”

* According to various reports, Texas A&M is planning to lave the Big 12 Conference next July (2012) and hopefully join the SEC.

* Due to Hurricane Irene, the UConn-Fordham game will be played Saturday at noon, which will still be somewhat exciting, right?

* Houston Texans running back Arian Foster admitted after his recent MRI that he’s “fine” and appears ready to play week one against the Indianapolis Colts.

* More information is being revealed about the LSU football team, as well as recent bar fight, which could result in more arrests and various players suspended.

Games to Watch: 

* New York Yankees at Boston (MLB) – 7:10pm eastern 

* New York Giants at New England (NFL Preseason) – 7:30pm eastern 

* Philadelphia at New York Jets (NFL Preseason) – 7:30pm eastern 

Video of the Day: 

Please don’t try this at home! 

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