Daily Noontime – September 6, 2011

Despite scoring 24-points, Miami couldn't muster an opening day win!

Happy Tuesday y’all and welcome into yet another dandy Daily Noontime! Here’s the day’s headlines and news, as well as a great video too! 


* Despite earning an impressive win against the University of Miami on Monday, Maryland’s uniforms was the bigger story.

* According to a recent report, Pepsi has decided to extend their sponsorship with the NFL.

* Dallas Cowboys defensive coordinatorRob Ryan answered questions recently surrounding his brother’s foot-fetish, which I’m sure didn’t make Rex Ryan too happy.

* The Philadelphia Phillies aren’t exactly the happiest team these days, as they’re challenging umpire Joe West‘s recent controversial call, which was made against the Florida Marlins this past weekend.

* For the second day in a row, the Boston Red Sox lost, but not to the Texas Rangers, but instead the Toronto Blue Jays.

* Apparently, Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning won’t play week one against the Houston Texans, which means his 227 consecutive starts will be erased.

Games to Watch: 

* Atlanta at Philadelphia (MLB) – 7:05pm eastern 

* Boston at Toronto (MLB) – 7:07pm eastern 

* Milwaukee at St. Louis (MLB) – 8:15pm eastern 

Video of the Day: 

Do you actually like Maryland’s uniforms? If so, why? 

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