NFL 2011: NFC East Predictions

Can Jason Garrett lead the Cowboys to playoffs this season? We'll find out!

By Matt Noonan 

This isn’t exactly the “black and blue” division, but instead, four teams that have potential to succeed. They’re decent squads, but one or two of them might underachieve this year, ahem, Cowboys and Redskins fans. Expect the Eagles to soar to a decent amount of victories, while Dallas and New York duke it out for the second and third place.

1.) Philadelphia Eagles (10-6) – After one “comeback” season, quarterback Michael Vick has literally been handed everything, as well as a new contact and an endorsement from NIKE. Yet, don’t expect the aging and injury prone gunslinger to lead his team to the Super Bowl. They’ll be challenged, especially against their NFC East counterparts, who’ll be gunning for a squad that splurged on numerous top-name free agents.

2.) Dallas Cowboys (9-7) – They indeed have injuries, as well as other problems too, but there’s something in the air that says, head coach Jason Garrett will continue the success he experienced during the final eight games of last year.  Expect his guidance, tutelage and swagger to help Dallas rebound from an awful [6-10] season. Also, is this the year that quarterback Tony Romo leads the Cowboys to the promise land? We’ll see!

3.) New York Giants (8-8) – The G-Men made some moves this offseason, as well as said, so long, farewell and good bye to wide receiver Steve Smith. Although, head coach Tom Coughlin expressed to the media recently that he’s focused on the Washington Redskins. The Giants will certainly surprise some this season, but not too many.

4.) Washington Redskins (6-10) – According to various reports, quarterback John Beck isn’t exactly the happiest man these days because Rex Grossman earned the starting spot on the depth chart. Of course, Beck won’t be happy, especially if Grossman plays like he did with the Chicago Bears in ’06. Similar to the other teams in this division, they’ll be somewhat competitive, but in the end, they’ll lose a majority of their games.

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