NFL 2011: AFC South Predictions

Mario Williams is due to have a break-out season this fall!

By Matt Noonan 

Usually, we’d consider the Indianapolis Colts a shoe-in to win this division, but due to their quarterback’s health, anything’s possible. This division is a toss-up, but as long as we play our cards right, Houston will end up being victorious.

1.) Houston Texans [9-7] – Expect defensive coordinator Wade Phillips’s [3-4] scheme to help Mario Williams attack the opposition a lot easier than before. Quarterback Matt Schaub is due to have a decent season, but only if the offense stays healthy and executes properly.

2.) Indianapolis Colts [7-9] – With or without Peyton Manning, the Colts are still somewhat a dangerous team. Yet, add Kerry Collins to the mix and what do you get? Well… a LONG season in Indianapolis, Indiana. Expect some unknown players to step up and fill the void, especially if Manning misses the entire season.

3.) Tennessee Titans [5-11] – Don’t expect Matt Hasselbeck to be the savior, especially since he’s literally playing for the Seattle Seahawks 2.0. Chris Johnson will be a threat to opposing defenses, but otherwise that’s literally all the Titans have to offer besides decent food and “Country Music.”

4.) Jacksonville Jaguars [3-13] – Former defensive lineman Hugh Douglas apparently wants to punch head coach Jack Del Rio for releasing quarterback David Garrard. The Jaguars enter the season with two unreliable quarterbacks, as well as a team that probably couldn’t beat a junior varsity high school squad. It’s going to be a rough year in Northern Florida.

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