NFL 2011: AFC West Predictions

Expect yet another quality season from Rivers, as well as his San Diego "Super" Chargers!

By Matt Noonan 

Similar to the AFC South, this particular division is a true mess. Besides the Chargers and Raiders, both the Broncos and Chiefs are complete disasters. Who’s more likely to succeed, John Fox or Todd Haley? In the end, expect the Chargers to walk all over their three divisional brothers.

1.) San Diego Chargers [12-4] – Sports Illustrated’s Peter King admitted in his recent preview that he’s a fan of the Bolts. However, do they have what it takes to win? Hmm… well, they don’t have the greatest coach, but instead, a quality quarterback that’s tough as nails. Remember when Philip Rivers played against the New England Patriots with a torn ACL? He’s tough, really tough, so hopefully his gritty attitude and effort will finally help San Diego get over the hump.

2.) Oakland Raiders [8-8] – The Raiders aren’t exactly what they used to be, but clearly, they’re on the rebound. The Silver and Black are young, quick and athletic, but they also lack a true leader. They’ll certainly be competitive this season, as long as running back Darren McFadden stays healthy.

3.) Denver Broncos [6-10] – Head Coach John Fox enters his first season with a team that won four games last season. Hopefully, they’ll surpass that number this season and win five. Also, will Tim Tebowbe handed the starting job at some point this season? It’s possible!

4.) Kansas City Chiefs [5-11] – The Chiefs probably had one of the worst preseasons in the history of the NFL. They looked confused and dumbfounded, plus, quarterback Matt Cassel has resorted to his original ways. Don’t bet on the Chiefs this season, they’re taking a step back from last year.

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