Romo, Cowboys Suffer Another Heartbreaking Opening Day Loss

Once again, Romo struggles, and the Cowboys lose!

By Matt Noonan 

Entering Sunday’s game against the New York Jets, quarterback Tony Romo did the unthinkable in the fourth quarter, as he misfired a pass that was intended for Dez Bryant and instead found cornerback Darrelle Revis.


Well, once again, Romo proved that he’s not exactly Mr. Clutch. He’s certainly not Tom Brady or Peyton Manning, but once again, the Cowboys begin another season losing under the “Sunday Night Lights.”

The Boys won the first three quarters, but slipped during the final 15 minutes, which allowed quarterback Mark Sanchez and kicker Nick Folk enough time to muster enough points for an exciting opening day win.

So, while the Jets and head coach Rex Ryan catch their breath, one has to wonder, what do the Cowboys do now?

Well, head coach Jason Garrett needs to do something, especially since his team cannot afford to begin their season [0-2] again, (ahem, last year). So, hopefully this particular game will inspire America’s Team to stop slouching in the final quarter. Perhaps this particular game will force the Boys to learn how to play the final quarter with a passion or swagger, but then again, they’re like the Boston Red Sox, who tug at their fans hearts, (zing).

Don’t get too discouraged Cowboys fans, especially since it’s only one game, yet, it’s OK to wonder if Tony Romo is the right man to lead this team? Seriously, the squad looks pretty banged up and definitely they’re some questions that’ll need to be addressed, but in the end, it’s just a game, so hopefully they can regroup and register their first win against the San Francisco 49ers.

If not, they’ll once again be in Jerry Jones’s “dog house.”

2 thoughts on “Romo, Cowboys Suffer Another Heartbreaking Opening Day Loss”

  1. Rule 1 when you play the Jets: DO NOT throw in the vicinity of Darelle Revis.
    Rule 1A) Darelle Revis will rarely have safety help over the top, when this happens DO NOT throw in the vicinity of Darelle Revis.
    Both Cowboys recievers, Austin and Bryant, had scored touchdowns on Cromartie. I don’t understand why, especially with Bryant running poorly for most of the game, would Romo throw the ball in that direction. The Cowboys should have had this game, but they didn’t and the Jets did. Why? Because in a close game, the better team, nee’ the team that wants it more finds a way to win; tonight, that team was the J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS!

  2. Nice to see Romo continue to back up my thoughts that the Cowboys will never win a Super Bowl with him under center. I agree with the above comment. Why would you EVER throw to Revis especially with 20-kids Cromartie getting toasted all night? You didn’t see anyone in the AFC West throw to Nnamdi Asomugha when he was a Raider and you know what happened? Those teams BEAT the Raiders. Don’t throw to Revis. Not now, not ever. Classic Romo clutch decision-making.

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