Noonan: Romo Needs to Stop Careless Mistakes

Does Jason Garrett believe Tony Romo will bounce back on Sunday against the 49ers?

By Matt Noonan 

It’s been roughly two days since Sunday’s collapse in the Meadowlands, but according to various sources, Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett told the media, as well as his team that it’s time to move on from their week one loss to the New York Jets.

Of course, many are still scratching their heads over quarterback Tony Romo’s blunders, a fumble and interception, which coast him, and the Cowboys their first win of the season.

Being a lifelong Dallas Cowboys fan, I’ve learned to roll with the punches, which isn’t exactly the easiest thing to do, especially after losses like Sunday’s. Yet, when watching Romo, I do enjoy the excitement, energy and love he brings to the game, but when it comes to fourth quarters or overtimes, he’s likeLeBron Jameshe can’t finish it.

Ever since Troy Aikman left Dallas’s locker room, the Cowboys have struggled to find his replacement. Players like Quincy Carter and Vinny Testaverde didn’t succeed, while Clint Stoerner, Brad Johnson and Drew Henson failed. Of course, there were others, but overall, no one has lived up to Aikman’s success on the gridiron.

It’s been said; being the Cowboys quarterback comes with a lot of pressure, but Aikman and Roger Staubach didn’t let anything get in their way, as both quarterbacks led their teams to various title games, as well as left lasting legacies that will live on forever.

Yet, one might wonder, will there ever be a quarterback that’ll leapfrog the Cowboys legends? Who knows, but currently, it would be hard to state that Romo would be that guy, right?

Romo has experienced success and by far, his best season with the Boys was in ’07, as he led Dallas to a [13-3] record, and the top seed in the NFC Conference. Although, Romo’s “magic” ran out against the New York Giants, who beat them in the second round. Romo returned to the playoffs two years later and finally earned his first official postseason victory against Donovan McNabb and the Philadelphia Eagles, but then went onto lose to Brett Favre’s Minnesota Vikings.

In ’10, Romo struggled and eventually found himself on the sidelines for a majority of the season, as the quarterback suffered a serious collarbone injury, which forced Jon Kitna into the starting role. The Cowboys somehow managed to remain competitive, as they won five of their final eight games without their sole leader, Mr. Romo.

So now, I wonder football fans, what do the Cowboys do, especially if they lose this weekend in San Francisco? Should Garrett bench Romo? Should they trade for a battle-tested quarterback? Perhaps, Kitna should replace Romo? Or maybe, it’s time to let the Stephen McGee era begin?

Again, there are a lot of questions that remain, but now, it’s time for Romo to take all this angst, aggression and criticism and turn it into a great season. The Cowboys are a young squad that didn’t look entirely awful against the Jets on Sunday, but again, it all comes down to the play of their quarterback. If he can stay out of trouble and make the right reads, he’ll succeed, but if constantly takes chances, they’ll lose.

All in all, Sunday’s game against the 49ers is a “must-win” for Romo, so he can save his job, as well as show America that he really is “Mr. Resilient.”

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