Noonan, Rubin – Thoughts On The NBA Lockout


In case you haven’t heard the news, the NBA remains locked out and no progress has been made since this past summer.

According to various sources on Tuesday afternoon, it’s likely that the players and coaches will miss half the upcoming season and will have to wait for a new deal to be created. However, there are reports that the league and its players will return to the negation tables on Friday, but again, it’s not likely that a new deal will be established by the end of this week.

Also, Los Angles Lakers guard and players union President Derek Fisher told the media that it’s unlikely that the upcoming 2011-12 season will start on time.

So, due to the ongoing news surrounding the NBA and its lockout, we posed the question to two of our Noontime Sports writers and asked, what are your thoughts about this whole situation?

Here’s some our thoughts, reactions and answers to the latest news.

Dan Rubin: Players are beginning to play overseas, and the prospect of losing some, if not all, of the basketball season is now becoming a reality as opposed to a nightmare. In fact, the running joke of talking about basketball, then immediately saying, “Oh yeah, there’s no NBA anymore,” isn’t exactly a true knee-slapper these days.

With the lockout, the NBA will most likely lose millions of dollars in revenue while obtaining a major black eye in its business dealings too.

NBA commissioner David Stern built the league around the players, so it seems natural that without the league, the superstars still have drawing power no matter where they go, especially overseas. However, the league remains built on billion-dollar franchises with professional courts and pyrotechnics, yet overall, it doesn’t look good from my vantage point.

Matt Noonan: I don’t expect the NBA lockout to come to an end anytime soon.

Unlike the NFL, the players, owners and executives seem to be completely far apart and not interested in creating or establishing a new deal for the league. Yet, do I expect the season to be cut in half? Absolutely, but as of now, I’m not holding my breath or anticipating any games to occur until after January 1, 2012.

In my honest opinion, I think the commissioner and his league officials have handled this entire lockout situation the wrong way. They’re not being aggressive and have probably lost a decent amount of the “star-studded” players to the various leagues overseas, so again, they’re losing money, as well as players too.

The NBA had an exciting and riveting postseason this past spring and summer, but after the Dallas Mavericks won their first official championship in franchise history, the excitement plummeted, as fans knew that would most likely be the end of professional basketball in America for a few months.

Overall, the players, owners and executives know the NBA’s popularity will decrease the longer the lockout occurs. The NHL lost a great deal of fans during its lockout, but have somehow managed to reenergize the sport of hockey. If Stern and his cohorts know what’s best, then they’ll make sure they save half the season, as well as the league too.

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