Rapid Reactions from Bill Belichick: Football Life Pt. 1

Did you enjoy watching The Bill Belichick documentary?

By Matt Noonan 

Part one of this highly anticipated documentary on the New England Patriots head coach kicked-off with a bang on Thursday evening and certainly there were some lasting impressions. Here are some overall thoughts and reactions.

* One of the greatest scenes had to be when Bill Belichick and former Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Derrick Mason started jabbing with one another on the sidelines. Mason initiated the “trash-talk” dialogue, which resulted in Belichick swearing, as well as stating, “Look at the scoreboard.” The Patriots defeated the Ravens on that particular Sunday, but lost to them in the first round of the AFC playoffs.

* Against the New York Jets in week two of the ’09 season, I really enjoyed how NFL films showed Coach Belichick walking through the New York Giants locker room and reminiscing about past events and experiences. Also, who knew that Lawrence Taylor’s locker was a site to be seen?

* Did anyone else enjoy the various media conference calls? I chuckled when I heard a reporter ask Belichick about Rex Ryan’s statement, which was that he wasn’t “here” to kiss his rings. Yet, where are these highly touted Super Bowl rings? Well, according to Belichick, they’re in a box somewhere.

* I’d have to say the word “frustration” came to mind, as I watched Belichick and his various coaches struggle to identify why they’re offense struggled to run or pass the ball. It certainly was interesting, especially when he kept saying, “we all need to coach better.” Those particular scenes illustrated the significant role coaches have in the NFL on a daily and weekly basis.

* Finally, who didn’t enjoy watching Jonathan Kraft get overexcited about Tom Brady’s six touchdowns against the Tennessee Titans? In fact, the best part was when he compared his quarterback’s performance to fantasy football numbers. That was awesome.

One thought on “Rapid Reactions from Bill Belichick: Football Life Pt. 1”

  1. Loved his jabbing with Mason. Some of what we’ve all heard through the grapevine, like how he’s a fun guy with his players and how he’s a control freak among the coaching staff was evident and reaffirmed our beliefs about him. I loved the scene of him telling his guys to celebrate their big plays more, now that’s passion for what you love to do! What was most surprising to me was his interaction with Robert Kraft, or lack thereof. “Will the rainy conditions be a factor today, Bill?” “Well probably in the passing game and kickoffs.” All the while, he’s eating nuts in front of his boss, acting like a teenager annoyed by a parent asking about his social life. Can’t wait for part 2, where we get to see 4th-and-2 😀

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