Noonan: Romo’s Performance Was Epic

Would you classify Sunday's game against the 49ers a career changer for Romo?

By Matt Noonan 

Consider Sunday’s win against the San Francisco 49ers not a blessing in disguise, but more a gutsy effort. Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo silenced numerous media members and counterparts, as he rallied the Boys to win an important week two contest in overtime.

Yet, what did we learn from this particular matchup? Perhaps Romo isn’t the player we all think he is on a day-to-day basis, right?

Say what you’d like about the Dallas gunslinger, but believe it or not, he showed his true colors against the 49ers and certainly silenced some doubters.

During ESPN’s Sunday NFL Countdown, former Cowboys head coach Bill Parcells stated the following about Romo:

“I really like this player. I think this guy has the capability to take his team to the highest level – in fact, I know he does [because] I’ve seen his attributes in play. I know how personal he takes these things. He’s done some amazing things in football. He lengthens plays, he extends them, he improvises, he makes good plays [and] every once in a while like everyone else there’ll be some bad things… but I can assure you, this young man has enough talent with a good cast that can take his team to the championship. No doubt in my mind.”    

Even head coach Jason Garrett was quite impress with Romo’s performance, as he stated the following to the media after the game:

“Tony’s a football player, he’s a great competitor, one of the best competitors I have ever been around and he just loves to play. I just knew that at some point, I was going to get a tap on my shoulder saying on the sidelines and here comes number nine and that’s what he did. That’s what he did today and he deserves a lot of credit for doing that.”

All in all, consider this a wake-up call to all those doubters because yesterday’s game was certainly a turning point for Romo, as well as the Dallas Cowboys.

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