Expect Great Things to Come for Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers

Have you been impressed by Cam Newton this season? If so, why?

By Matt Noonan 

Cam Newton has been quite impressive this season and it’s only been two games.

The rookie gunslinger currently ranks second in the NFL behindTom Brady with 845 passing yards, and has also tossed three touchdowns and four interceptions too.

“Going into the game, coach asked us as a quarterback, [what are] the things that it’ll take to win and I don’t think I followed the number one rule and that was protect the football,” Newton said via the Carolina Panthers website.

OK, he may not be the second coming of Joe Montana or Brett Favre 2.0, but all in all, he’s been quite impressive these past few weeks despite not earning a single win in the standings.

Against the Arizona Cardinals in week one, Newton registered three touchdowns, two in the air, and one on the ground, while his defense struggled against Kevin Kolb’s offense. Also, Newton complete 24-of-37 passes for 422 yards, but again, his team didn’t win.

This past Sunday against the Green Bay Packers, Newton helped the Panthers earn an early lead before it was erased by Aaron Rodger’s offense. Newton struggled in the second half, as well as recorded three interceptions. Although, while he showed his first-year true colors during the Panthers second game of the season, he did admit that he can’t turn the ball over or make decisions that’ll hurt his team.

“I’m going to get it,” Newton said. “The more I see it the more I know that it’s not college no more and it’s no gimmicks in this league, especially playing good teams. We played an excellent team in the Packers and they capitalized each and everyone of your mistakes.”

Newton and the Panthers will eventually get their first win of the season and while they may not win a lot of games this year, it certainly seems that Newton will continue to improve, as well as excel under the guidance of head coach Ron Rivera.

“Our coaches do an excellent job of getting us in the best play possible and it’s my job personally as a quarterback to make everything right. Whether it’s throwing the ball deep – throw it to the man or just checking the ball down. [You] can’t be greedy in this league and it’ll come back to bite you every single time,” Newton said.

Newton and the Panthers will look to earn their first win this Sunday against the Jacksonville Jaguars at home and who knows, maybe the rookie gunslinger will rack up yet another 400-yard day.

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