Bentley’s Bobby Tarr Earns First Golden Helmet Award

By Matt Noonan 

CAMBRIDGE, MA — Bentley University’s senior running back Bobby Tarr earned his first official Golden Helmet Award on Wednesday at the Gridiron Club of Greater Boston’s luncheon, which was hosted by Harvard University.

Tarr was honored for his epic performance last weekend against the Stonehill Skyhawks, where he rushed for 170 yards on 16 carries, as well as recorded two catches for 42 yards.

According to Bentley University’s Athletic department’s website, Tarr compiled 212 all-purpose yards against the Skyhawks, yet didn’t manage to register a single touchdown. Also, his 170 yards on the ground marked the second time a Falcon running back tallied that much yardage in a regular season contest since Andy Breda in ’03, who rushed for 171 yards against Southern Connecticut.

Here’s our conversation with Tarr about the award and the season thus far.

What does this award mean to you?

“It’s the first award I’ve received besides banquet awards since I’ve been at Bentley, so it’s pretty exciting. It’s good recognition [for Division I, II and III football players]. It has a lot to do with my teammates and my offensive line, so I’m not going to dwell on it too much, but it’s definitely an honor and my mom will be proud of me at least.”

Your team earned an impressive win against Stonehill College last weekend, and obviously, you were a major factor in it, but overall, how important was it to earn an important conference win on the road?

“That was definitely a big win. That was our conference game – first off, which is always something you want to win, but we haven’t really beat a tough opponent yet this season because we played [Division III] opponents [in our first] games, so beating Stonehill is great. It’s always a great game, they always play us tough and as far as coming out of the one-yard line [during one of our drives, it] showed a lot about our offense and it’s tough because usually you can just back down or give up when you’re in that position, but everyone pushed through it and did their job and we had success.”

How has the season gone thus far? Are there things you need to improve?

“[There’s] definitely things to improve [because we’ve played] three games this season, not even a third of the way there, so there’s a lot to improve and a lot we have to do to make progress toward achieving our goal of winning the conference and making the playoffs, so a lot of that’s going to be done in practice. We have a young team, so I think we definitely need to improve, but I think we’re on the right track.”

This week, you and the Falcons host St. Anselm’s, what does your team need to do in order to secure another win?

“St. A’s is a really good team on the rise right now. Southern Connecticut played them pretty well last week, so they’re definitely not a team to look past at all. [They have] an explosive offense and we just need to show up to play.”

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