Harvard vs. Brown — Phil Estes, “We Were Way Out of Sync”


By Matt Noonan 

CAMBRIDGE, MA – Consider Friday’s game for Brown University head coach Phil Estes not the most enjoyable, as he watched his football team stumble in the rain, as well as record five turnovers, (three interceptions and two fumbles).

“When you turn the ball over and you make some dumb penalty plays – when we have a turnover and we have a roughing the passer penalty, make another big play and we have another helmet–to-helmet call, which I think is going to happen a lot in the Ivy League, well not just in the Ivy League, I think in college football. I think big hits and that was a shoulder to body hit and they called this a helmet-to-helmet,” Estes said.

The coach continued by stating, “You can’t play tough football and not be penalized for it, but when it comes down to it, we drop one in the end zone and then we fumble one on the one-yard line and that certainly makes a difference in the game [and] that kind of changes – takes away all the momentum we have coming into the second half.”

Brown struggled to gain any momentum in the first half because their defense couldn’t stop Harvard’s offense, which managed to record two touchdowns before halftime.

“We really didn’t show up and play really well in the first half. I thought the one exception was our punter, Nate Lovett was outstanding [because] anytime you can stick the ball inside the five-yard line like he did [and] put their backs to the wall – we didn’t always do a great job of keeping them there and we just squandered too many opportunities,” Estes said.

Harvard finished Friday’s contest with 366 total offensive yards, which clearly didn’t make the coaching staff happy. Brown will return to the gridiron next Saturday when they host Rhode Island for a 6:00pm kick-off.

“That’s a good football team and we were way out of sync,” Estes said.

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