Daily Noontime – October 4, 2011

Josh Freeman and the Buccaneers rallied to defeat the winless Colts on Monday, 24-17!

Whoa – it’s Tuesday? Wow… the week is flying by, which is always a good thing, right? Here’s our latest edition of the Daily Noontime. 


* It may have not been the greatest game, but somehow the Tampa Bay Buccaneers rallied to defeat the Indianapolis Colts on Monday Night Football, 24-17.

* According to NFL Network’s Deion Sanders, he believes that Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo isn’t the guy who can lead his team to the Super Bowl.

*  Here’s an interesting story – how many young women do you know play high school football and are the homecoming queen? Well, read this article and I think you’ll know at least one by the end of it.

* Justin Verlander and the Detroit Tigers rallied on Monday evening to earn a 2-1 series lead against the New York Yankees.

* According to the Boston Herald, Boston Red Sox first baseman Adrian Gonzalez wasn’t expecting Terry Francona to be “fire.”

* According to sources – NHL’s vice president Brandon Shanahan is ready to “come down hard” on vicious head shots this season.

Games to Watch: 

* Texas at Tampa Bay (MLB Playoffs) – 2:07pm eastern 

* Philadelphia at St. Louis (MLB Playoffs) – 5:07pm eastern 

* New York Yankees at Detroit (MLB Playoffs) – 8:37pm eastern 

* Milwaukee at Arizona (MLB Playoffs) – 9:37pm eastern 

Video of the Day: 

Can this be the official rally song for the MLB Playoffs? 

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