Mark Recchi Reflects On His Final Season In Boston

Mark Recchi will certainly be missed in Boston, but being able to celebrate the championship on Thursday with his teammates was quite special - according to the former Assistant Captain!


BOSTON, MA – Thursday was an exciting evening at the TD Garden, as Boston Bruins fans, as well as the team celebrated their most recent accomplishment – a Stanley Cup Championship.

Former Assistant Captain, Mark Recchi returned to the Garden to celebrate with his former teammates, as well as spoke with reporters after the pre-game festivities about his future plans, as well as celebrating the team’s sixth championship.

Here are some of the highlights from his interview with the media, courtesy of the Boston Bruins public relations staff:

On what he was feeling during the pregame ceremony…

“Just a lot of emotions, really. It was great to get that last opportunity to go on the ice with the guys and go on the ice, period, as an NHL player. When you do it at the end, I wasn’t really thinking about it and [knowing] this was going to be it. These last couple days have been hard. It was an exciting day, but it was a sad day, too, at the same time. But it was so great to be out there with the guys. I had no idea that was coming, the jacket thing, so it got me pretty choked up. I love the guys, and they mean the world to me, and it was a great experience, to be here with them for that.”  

On having members of the 1971-1972 team here for the ceremony…

“That’s incredible, knowing Chief [Johnny Bucyk] and Bobby [Orr] personally and what great guys they are and how much they wanted to see us win as well. It’s been a long time, and I think they’re glad to share the Stanley Cup with some other people and excited about it. They were our biggest supporters all year, and it’s great to have all those guys out there and come and pass it on to the ’11 team.”

On why, out of his whole career, last season and winning the cup was extra special…

“Obviously, they’re all special in their own way, but I came back for one reason to play, and that was the get that last shot at winning again. The group of guys, from the day we went to Vermont, you could see their commitment and the special bond we had as a group right off the get-go. Any important game that we needed, we won because the guys were totally committed. It happened all year, and we stuck together, and to finish on top with this group, it really did mean the world to me. These guys are unbelievable people, and I have lifelong friends now. It’s a special time, and to end your career on something that special with a group of guys that you truly do love and want to be around, it’s amazing.”

On if the pregame ceremony gave him chills…

“Absolutely. I never got a chance to do Carolina, and in Pittsburgh, obviously I was there, but I never got a chance in Carolina. Like I said, it was the last time I’ll be on the ice as a NHL player and be around my teammates in that aspect at least. To be on the ice with them and be in Boston with the crowd – the reaction to us winning the Stanley Cup has been absolutely amazing what this city has, how much they’ve embraced it and enjoyed it. It’s a special time, and I was glad I was able to share it with Boston fans and be a part of it on the ice, too.”

On what’s next for him…

“I’m coaching my son, working out here and there, drink a lot of win. Not a whole lot right now. I might do a little bit of TV – the second half of the year, I might do a little bit of TV just to keep myself in the game, and at some point I want to get into management, so I want to do that. Between juniors and now it’s been 26 years of going at it, and I need to take a break and hang out with my kids.”   

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