Countdown to Super Bowl XLVI: Tom Brady’s Overconfident Words Links

Did Tom Brady actually predict victory against New York? (Photo Credit:


What did you think about Tom Brady‘s farewell speech to the fans on Sunday?

Was it wrong of him to motivate the New England Patriot die-hards? Do you think it’s “bulletin board” material for the New York Giants?

Well, no matter what you think, Noontime Sports decided that it would be necessary to do some research on this particular subject and dig up a few interesting articles and blogs.

Here is what we found, enjoy.

According to an interesting blog post on – the staff writers believe Tom Brady was a tad bit over confident on Sunday when he stated, “We’re going to give it our best and hopefully we have a lot more people at our party next weekend.”

* The Los Angeles Times provided a rapid piece on Brady’s words, as well as how New York tabloids perceived his rallying cry.

* The New York Post published an article on Monday that mentioned how the Giants will certainly want to use Brady’s words for motivation.

* The USA Today crafted an intriguing piece about how Brady sparked a firestorm of emotions in New York on Monday.

* The Washington Post blogged about the New England QB’s words, and claimed these are “fighting words.”

* WEEI’s midday show, Mut & Merloni discusses Brady’s confidence, as well as dissects the so-called, “bulletin board material.”

* The New York Daily News suggested that Brady’s words of a future Super Bowl party will provide the necessary spark for the Giants in the Super Bowl.

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