Recapping The Second Day of Boston Red Sox Baseball (Links)

Should Sox fans be a tad bit concerned about their 0-2 start? (Photo Credit: SB Nation)


The Boston Red Sox second regular season contest is in the books. Detroit pounded Josh Beckett early and often on Saturday, as the Tigers routed the Sox, 10-0.

Here are some links, recaps and news from Saturday’s affair.

* The Tigers have two premiere studs on their team – Price Fielder and Miguel Cabrera – who are pretty darn good. And against the Sox, they assisted Detroit’s offense by providing some necessary runs.

* provided an AP recap from Saturday’s contest, and it can be accessed by CLICKING HERE.

* After the game concluded, Beckett told the media that “the thumb is not an issue.” Although, despite that comment, shouldn’t Bostonians and New Englanders be a tad bit concerned about the teams’s second best pitcher?

* It’s only been two contests thus far, but according to one reporters – fans should be concerned about the Sox bullpen.

* ESPNBoston’s Gordon Edes crafted a great piece of why the Sox are in “danger of another slow start.”

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  1. I think fans should be concerned about the Red Sox hitting lineup since it seems Ortiz, Sweeney, Saltalamacchia and (sort of) Gonz are the only ones who remember what a bat does. And no one seems to remember that the point is to get to home base… Maybe we should write it down.

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