Red Sox Recap (Apr. 22, 2012)

by Andy Lindberg

I’m not going to blame you, dear reader, if you wish to skip over this brief column.

What else can Bobby Valentine do?

Every single member of the Red Sox’s bullpen has been thrashed at one point or another in this young season, and in yesterday’s debacle against New York, none of them were able to pitch well enough to hold a 9-8 lead.

The real shame here is Felix Doubront pitched a gem. He went six innings allowing one run on 99 pitches. This is where, for me alt least, the 100 pitch cutoff for pitchers is completely bogus. Doubront got stronger and stronger as the game went on and was pulled when he was in the zone. As much as the Fox baseball broadcasts irk me, Tim McCarver had it dead on when he uttered those same sentiments.

The Red Sox now sit at a 4-10 mark, one half game better than Theo Epstein‘s Chicago Cubs (4-11).

The front office has screwed this team for years to come if drastic changes are not made soon. The Sox tried to play the Yankees’ game, scooping up high-priced free agents in the hopes of winning numerous division titles.  Only the Yankees can play that game. The Red Sox need to get back to playing the farm system game and scooping up free agents like Cody Ross; capable, dependable players who, while they may never set the world on fire, will never kill a team either.

Two weeks ago I wrote Boston’s obituary for 2012.  It seems after yesterday’s loss we may be writing Boston’s obituary through 2015.

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