USILA 2012 Div. III All-American Men’s Team

Tufts had six players named to the USILA 2012 Div. III All-American team on Wednesday! (Photo Credit: Matt Noonan for

By Matt Noonan 

On Wednesday, the United State Intercollegiate Lacrosse Association unveiled its 2012 All-American Div. III team. 15 players from the state of Massachusetts were selected to this particular team, and their names have been provided below:

Kevin McCormick (Tufts University)

Matt Callahan (Tufts University)

Nick Rhoads (Tufts University)

Pat White (Western New England College)

Beau Wood (Tufts University)

Corey Johnson (Western New England College)

Sean Kirwan (Tufts University)

Evan Redwood (Amherst College)

Mike Delia (Springfield College)

Shane Ferguson (Springfield College)

Sam Diss (Tufts University)

Aaron Harris (Western New England College)

Sam Ozycz (Endicott College)

Brewster Knowlten (Western New England College)

Robert Maher (Springfield College)

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