Hill: ‘Football Is Just A Fun Sport’

Merrimack’s Jimon Hill hopes to conclude his senior season with a NE-10 Championship! (Photo Credit: Merrimack College Athletics)

By Matt Noonan 

NORTH ANDOVER, MA – Following last Friday’s practice, Merrimack College senior running back Jimon Hill marched off the field with a gigantic smile on his face.

“Football is just a fun sport and if you don’t have fun than you probably won’t last,” said Hill.

Hill, who enters his final season with the Warriors, is focused on using these warm August days to prepare himself, as well as his teammates for hopefully a season that will conclude with a championship.

“Right now we’re trying to take every day seriously, but at the same time we’re trying to have fun, [and] the biggest thing is putting those two things together,” explained Hill.

“Every day we’ve got to get better, but at the same time you can’t think or worry about every play you make because the more you worry the more times you’re going to mess up, but it’s [all] about having fun,” added Hill.

The word “fun” is certainly what the 5-7, 195 pound tailback would use describe his favorite sport, but don’t think that particular term will impact his performance on the field this season, especially against New Haven in week one.

“[Our] first game is actually my birthday, so I’m [going to try and help my team] win,” Hill said.

Yet, despite trying to help Merrimack muster an opening week win, Hill is mostly focused on ending his final season on the gridiron with memories that’ll last a lifetime.

“I want to leave my last year and just [remember it being so much fun] and [going] undefeated. [I hope we can] win a conference [championship], get [a] ring and [have it has] something to show the kids when [I’m older],” exclaimed Hill.

Merrimack concluded their 2011 campaign with six wins, but Hill wasn’t impacted by the team’s wins or losses, as he led his unit with 858 yards on 156 carries. He also recorded nine rushing touchdowns, too, and caught 16 passes for 148 yards.

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