Mount Ida Looks To Overcome Penalties, Seeks Win Against Husson

Mount Ida College recorded 23 penalties last weekend against Anna Maria, but hopes to overcome their miscues this week against Husson! (Photo Credit: Brian Willwerth)

By Matt Noonan 

CAMBRIDGE, MA – Following Saturday’s win against Anna Maria College, Mount Ida College currently finds itself atop the Eastern Collegiate Football Conference with a 4-1 overall record.

However, the Mustangs aren’t the only squad in their conference with an impressive mark through six weeks, as Castleton and Gallaudet each have three or more wins, as well as two victories in conference play.

“We only have four wins right now, so we just have to attack every week and try to get a little bit better,” explained Mount Ida head coach Michael Landers.

Landers’ crew adopted a mentality at the beginning of the year of going undefeated in practices, film sessions and games, which maybe the secret behind their current success.

Although, Landers knows his team has a great deal of work to do, especially after they were whistled 23 times last weekend against Anna Maria.

“[Players] need to concentrate on [their] job, do [their] job as hard as [they] can and there is some negative reinforcement that goes with that too, so we’ll build in a system from here on out to make sure that those things don’t happen again and that we’re clear with our guys,” explained the head coach.

According to the league statistics, Mount Ida ranks last in the conference with 57 penalties and 500 penalty yards.

Yet, despite the numerous errors, Landers knows his team will rebound and continue look to senior quarterback Scott Drosendahl to guide the Mustangs to victory.

“It’s a matter of all 11 guys doing their job, but he is the leader, he’s the captain, he’s the guy that steers the ship for us,” said Landers.

“Scott has done a tremendous job of understanding what we need to do to win football games and I think that’s one of the reasons why we’ve survived the last four wins.”

Drosendahl has accounted for 16 touchdowns through the air and five scores on the ground, but excluding his effort, the Mustangs have also received some help from freshman running back Melquan Pinkney, who ranks second on the team in rushing touchdowns.

This week, Mount Ida will travel to Bangor, Maine to face Husson, a squad that hasn’t earned a victory since September. And while it maybe easy for the Mustangs to overlook their opponent, Landers and his coaching staff know that in order for their squad to be successful, they need to execute properly.

“We’ve found ways to pull it out in the end, we found ways to kind of learn the lessons from week-to-week,” Landers stated.

“We really just have to concentrate on us and the things that we do and eliminate penalties, execute better,[and play] better assignment football.”

Mount Ida has been impressive this season, but as any good coach knows, one can’t assume they’re great until they finish the season with a championship. And while the Mustangs coaches and players would love to earn an ECFC crown, they know they need to focus on their current tasks and do their jobs in order to claim some hardware.

Championships aren’t earned after six weeks, so if Mount Ida wants to achieve greatness prior to the conclusion of their season then they’ll need to keep the flags off the gridiron and play fundamental football each week.

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