Catching Up With Brian Gorman (Becker College Men’s Basketball)

Becker College men's basketball head coach Brian Gorman is optimistic about his team's success for the remainder of the season! (Photo Credit: Becker College Athletics)

Becker College men’s basketball head coach Brian Gorman is optimistic about his team’s success for the remainder of the season! (Photo Credit: Becker College Athletics)


Becker College picked up its third win of the season on Tuesday against Daniel Webster. And while that win happened to extend their New England Collegiate Conference (NECC) winning streak to 36 games, it also was an important victory for a Hawks team that was coming off a tough loss to Brandeis University.

On Wednesday head coach Brian Gorman discussed his team’s season thus far in a phone interview and below are highlights from the conversation.

On maintaining success from past seasons: “We’ve made the NCAA tournament [via] an at-large bid, which in our league is not going to happen very often, so we have to focus on our league more so than out of conference because we have the highest seeded team host the final weekend of our tournament, so it is important for us to try and finish first in the league, so we can have that tournament in our gym. This year, we have a whole new group of kids and I am playing a lot of sophomores, who were on the team last year, but they were the complimentary players last year and now they’re the guys that are going to be out there for 35 minutes, so it’s a little bit different for them, but so far we’ve only played one league game, but it’s going to be good once we understand what we have to do.”

On facing competitive non-conference foes: “This year I [scheduled these games] to make us better. In the past couple of years we had kids who were two or three year starters and they were ready to compete against the best New England [teams] and we did. For the past few years, we’ve beaten the Rhode Island College’s on the road, we’ve beaten WPI, we’ve beaten Bridgewater [State] in their place, but we’ve played against the best teams and won. This year we’re not quite there yet, but [these games] get you ready for your season and you’re going to be ready for your league and that’s what I try to do. We don’t duck anyone we play, we play everyone in New England who we can schedule, so it’s just getting you better for the end of the year.”

On losing to Brandeis University: “We were either down one or tied with about 14 minutes to go in the game and I lost a couple kids that I thought I we were going to have [on our team this season], so I am out there starting a 6-foot-5 center, who is really not a true center and then four kids who’re [under 6-feet]. Brandeis comes [into our gymnasium with a variety of tall players] and we just tried to hang in there. We do shoot the ball very well, we try to spread it out and [make opponents] chase us a little bit, but we have such a fine line and small margin of error this year. It was our third game [in a short stint] and they just kind of wore us down physically, but it’s a measuring stick and I think they are as good as anyone in New England, but you have to measure yourself and [in] past years we were right there with them, but this year we were not quite, but hopefully by the end of the year we can close that margin up a little bit.”

On the Hawks remaining December opponents: “It’s kind of strange in that we are in the middle of playing like six games in 12 days or something like that. Then we play a game [next week at Babson College] and then we play another game [before the month concludes], so it’s almost like you’re approaching a playoff game where you really focus on getting yourself ready, but you also have two or three days to get ready for [our next opponent, too]. As far [as our road record, which is currently 0-1], we’ve been good on the road over the years and WPI is our one true road loss [because] the other games were [held at neutral sites], but we compete on the road and I think we will be OK.”

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