Mass. College Hoops: Springfield’s Brock, Martin Discuss Setback

By Matt Noonan 

WORCESTER, MA – Following their setback to WPI in the NEWMAC (New England Women’s and Men’s Athletic Conference) championship, Springfield College’s coach Charlie Brock and guard Sean Martin discussed the loss with the media, and below is the transcript from the interviews.


On the setback: “It was a good game. There’s a lot you can say about what went wrong and it’s never easy to talk about anything after a loss, especially like this one. We played really hard and I am proud of our team and that’s all that matters at the end of the day. Shots didn’t fall our way and that was the difference.”

On stepping up on offense and defense: “Our team is all about doing what it takes to win. It doesn’t matter who has to do what, but whether someone has to step up on defense or rebound more it doesn’t matter because we’re all having each other’s backs out there and that’s all we try to do. Guys that came in, such as Josh Altman, he played a hell of a game off the bench and it’s stuff like that, which helped keep us in the game.”

On falling short in back-to-back championships: “You never want to lose, especially in the playoffs, so it’s unfortunate.”

On Coach Brock’s message after the game: “Our season’s not done. We’re going to treat this next week just as we would any week. We’re going to prepare for whoever we have to play and whatever tournament.”


On the team’s play: “We struggled offensively and credit for WPI for that. They play very aggressive man-to-man defense and we struggled offensively. We played better in the second half, we shot 50 percent.”

On playing without Alex Berthiaume for most of the first half: “I don’t think we changed anything offensively and other guys picked (up for Alex’s absence due to his three fouls). Matt Pascuzzo had a couple of buckets, Josh Altman had a couple of baskets, so obviously losing the conference leading scorer has an impact on your team, but I thought the guys did a great job of making up for it and putting fourth the effort.”

On defending Ryan Kolb: “Other than double with their perimeter players as good as shooters as they are there’s not much you can do. It was sort of a pick your poison type of situation. Actually, very similar to yesterday because there was one kid that we felt we could double off of and today I didn’t feel that way because they played four guards for most of the second half, as did I.”

On Kolb’s career-game: “He had a great day today. He really went at Robbie (Burke) and Robbie did the best he could and actually one of the things that he does very well is he finds people that are open and that really causes a problem. They’ve got four guards (one of them being Zach Karalis) and (Sam) Longwell, and they’re two wings and (Marco) Coppola I thought had a great game and in the first half he was very hard to deal with and I think he was the other leading scorer for them in the first half, but he’s a tough guard and every time he comes off something Kolb gets loose and then we’ve got to catch up to him, so it’s a nice combination.”

On falling short: “We had our chances, we didn’t do a couple of things that we had to, so that’s all.”

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