Quick Program Note: One Last Summer Vacation Before Coverage

By Matt Noonan 

Hello friends and follower! Hope everyone is having a great summer!

Obviously, as you probably know, our coverage as been lighter than usual this summer, but we can assure you beginning next week, especially after a much needed vacation for some of the crew, we’ll be slowly gearing up for our college football coverage. And with it being the first day of August — hard to believe — we look forward to providing as much coverage as we can on the various teams. We look forward to traveling to various training camps, and  chatting with coaches and players, too.

So, again, we apologize for our short coverage this summer, but we look forward to returning to the blog very soon!

Have a great rest of your week/weekend and we’ll look forward to starting our 2013-14 coverage next week.

Thanks again, Matt N. (editor-in-chief/founder of NoontimeSports.com)


One thought on “Quick Program Note: One Last Summer Vacation Before Coverage”

  1. Thank you -Editor and Chief/Co-founder. We hope that “some of the crew” has a great vacation. Norm

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