Mass. College Football: Camping With The Bridgewater State Bears

The Bridgewater State Bears will look to build off their 9-2 mark last season! (Photo Credit: Brian Willwerth for

The Bridgewater State Bears will look to build off their 9-2 mark last season! (Photo Credit: Brian Willwerth for


BRIDGEWATER, MA — The Bridgewater State Bears are coming off a 9-2 season, and their first postseason berth since 2000.  On Monday, Noontime Sports’ Brian Willwerth talked to Head Coach Chuck Denune, who’s entering his ninth season, to get his take on the 2013 campaign.

THE BIGGEST CHANGE BETWEEN THIS YEAR AND LAST YEAR: “I think the big thing is we lost 18 seniors to graduation last year.  Anytime that happens, you’re obviously going to have big holes to fill.  So that was our biggest concern.  We know that we’ve got a really good core of guys coming back, but at the same time, we’ve got some pretty deep holes we’ve got to get filled in prior to playing a game. Right now, we’re pretty comfortable.  We’re going to be competitive.”

On Quarterback Mike McCarthy: “There are quarterbacks, and then there are guys that are just football players. He was just a football player; he’d go out and just he could just play football well. He’s also a very good quarterback. If he were to go out and throw for a ton and run for a ton, I’m not going to be surprised. He’s put a lot of work into his offensive training. He understands the offense better than he ever has (and) he looks really good in camp thus far.”

On the running game: “We have a stable, right now, of guys that can go in the game, and I wouldn’t nervous about them being in the game. I know Coach (Rene) Moyen and Coach (Pat) Callahan are really happy about where the offense is at this point in camp.”

On Defense: “There were probably bigger holes to fill over there, and right now I’d say we’ve got ‘em half full. But we’ve got guys in the right position right now, and they’re doing well. I don’t know if they’re going to play at that level, but combined I think they’re going to be a pretty darn good unit. We’ve got some freshmen who are stepping up right away, and I think there’s a good chance we’re going to have some young guys playing on defense. Usually you’re pretty nervous about that, (but) right now I feel pretty comfortable with them.”

The Bears open the season on Saturday, September 7 at Salve Regina.

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