Mass. College Football: Catching Up With Stonehill’s Robert Talley


CAMBRIDGE, MA – After earning an exciting win last weekend against New Haven, Stonehill College’s football team will look to continue its momentum this weekend against LIU Post.

Earlier this week, Noontime Sports caught up with Coach Robert Talley at the New England Football Writers’ Luncheon at Harvard University to chat about the team’s win against the Chargers, and below are highlights from the conversation.

On defeating the Chargers: “It’s nice to know that after all the hard work you put in that it pays it off, but mostly for our kids, as well as our seniors that had never beaten New Haven. Being able to go down there and do it at their place was definitely something special.

“When you come close (like we did last year at home) and know how much more work it takes to get the win – I talk about it all the time about how it’s hard to win anything, so it kind of energizes the team. We just came out with the victory, but it let’s us know that we still need to work. The kids are excited, we’re excited, but fortunately we have to play (LIU) Post, which is a very good football team.”

On the team’s most recent road wins: “On both occasions (against New Haven and Southern Connecticut), we went into halftime knowing we could have some success, but we didn’t have many opportunities. You look at the New Haven game and we throw an interception going into halftime, (but) if we don’t do that then you’re looking at the game (knowing) we could be up at that point, so I think it was just a confidence level. I think that both sides were playing with confidence and that’s what really is making the difference.”

On the play of the underclassmen: “We don’t have a lot of senior starters, but (the underclassmen) have played behind some really good players over the last few years and they’ve been stepping up. I like the fact that it’s not just one person we’re relying on when it comes to our receiving core or our line or relying on a bunch of different guys to make catches, along with the defense, same thing there, so it’s been good to see people step up.”

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