Catching Up With WPI Defensive Back Jason Lamb

WPI's Jason Lamb (No. 24) recorded a career-best 17 total tackles last Saturday. (Photo Credit: Matt Noonan/Noontime Sports)

WPI’s Jason Lamb (No. 24) recorded a career-best 17 total tackles last Saturday. (Photo Credit: Matt Noonan/Noontime Sports)


WPI defensive back Jason Lamb concluded last Saturday’s contest against U.S. Merchant Marine Academy with a career-best 17 tackles, including 13 solo stops. Additionally, Lamb registered a tackle for a loss, an interception and a pass breakup.

Lamb’s impressive performance earned him the Robert Pritchard Award for most outstanding defensive player during WPI’s Homecoming Weekend. In addition to the accolade, Lamb secured a spot on this week’s Team of the Week, too.

Following his team’s Liberty League clash with the Mariners, Noontime Sports caught up with the Plymouth, Massachusetts’s native to talk some football, movies, music, and a unique pregame ritual.

This past week, you were all over the field on defense. You recorded a pair of season-highs of 13 solo stops and 17 total tackles – what was working for you against Merchant Marine?

Our defensive coordinator – Dan Mulrooney – had a really good game plan that allowed me to move freely in the box. Coach Chris Robertson also did an amazing job during the week preparing me to have the best pre-snap reads and eye control possible. The defensive line and linebackers did a great job taking up blocks and allowing me to make plays.

Earlier this season, you had a big performance against Worcester State where you recorded a pair of interceptions, including an interception returned for a touchdown. What do you remember from that particular game and how were you so successful at intercepting the quarterback that evening not once, but twice?

It was due to the great schemes of our defensive coordinator and defensive back coaches. I remember being able to read the quarterbacks’ eyes and that helped me get good jumps on the ball. It also helped that our middle linebacker, Brian Murtagh, was great in coverage and forced tons of air under the ball, too.

You’re currently on pace to match some of your totals from two seasons ago (2014-15), so what did you do prior to this season to prepare yourself for a successful season on defense?

When Coach Robertson told me I was moving to safety, I knew I had to change how I was going to train this past offseason. Instead of focusing on gaining more size and strength like I had previously done as a linebacker, I focused instead on speed and footwork. The offseason work helped me to cover the field faster and be more involved in plays.

Since arriving at WPI you have played both linebacker and defensive back. How has each position helped you progress as a football player?

Each position has offered me a different angle to see the football field. Combining my knowledge from these two positions has helped me to understand the defense better as a whole and ultimately helped me progress as a football player.

What’s the biggest goal facing the Engineers for the remainder of the season?

Winning our next game against our rival RPI. This game next week is (very important) and will set the tone for the remainder of the season.

Who is your favorite professional football player – either current or past? And why?

Lawrence Taylor is my all-time favorite NFL player. His playing style on the field is something I tried to mimic when I played outside linebacker.

Tell me about your major – why did you choose it and what do you hope to do with it after graduation?

My major is Management Engineering with a concentration in Operations. It is a blend of a business and engineering. I chose it because I’ve always loved business, but still wanted to learn some aspects of engineering. What’s great about my major is that I can pursue various professions, but I would like to do something involving system analytics or sales engineering.

Three favorite movies?

Star Wars Episode VI, Interstellar and Fight Club

What was the last book you read for pleasure?

The Singularity is Near by Ray Kurzweil

Three songs you listen to on a game day?

‘Dreams and Nightmares’ by Meek Mill

‘Long Live ASAP’ by ASAP Rocky

‘WDYW’ by Carnage

Do you have any pre-game traditions? If so, what are they (or is it?) and when did this pre-game tradition begin?

One of my pre-game rituals is to drink a jar of pickle juice. It began my sophomore year. It started because my roommate, Brandon Eccher, has been doing it since high school and he said it prevents cramps. Since I’ve started it I haven’t cramped once.

What is your favorite non-football activity?

I’ve always loved to ski in my free time, so I plan to (hit the slopes) after football season concludes.

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