Noontime Sports The Podcast: Episode 17 (Will Ahmed (CEO & Founder of WHOOP)

noontime-sports-podcastBy (@NoontimeSports

Noontime Sports the Podcast returned Monday – we taped an exciting interview with Will Ahmed, who is the CEO and Founder of WHOOP, which is on a mission to unlock human performance.

Host Matt Noonan and Ahmed discussed the impact his product is having on the 24-7 competitors, including collegiate athletics like the Harvard University squash team, which changed some off the court habits en route to securing a national championship.

Additionally, Ahmed highlighted how important sleep is for any competitor – in a way, it really can be the secret to helping with recovery after a hard workout or game.

To learn more about the great things WHOOP is doing for the 24-7 competitive athlete, check out their website, as well as follow them on Facebook and Twitter, too.

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