Extra, Extra: Noontime Sports Is On LinkedIn (Please Follow!)

Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 11.24.25 AM

By NoontimeSports.com (@NoontimeSports) 

As seen in the headline (and picture above!), we are indeed on LinkedIn now – yes, we have a business page, so make sure to toss us a follow (and become a fan, too).

Similar to our other social channels, we’ll share links from our blog on the page. However, these posts will strictly be our posts, not stories from around the media world or New England landscape.

Just Noontime Sports posts!

We may also post an internship or extra writing helping (on our page) … hint, hint … if you’re interested in gaining some additional reps or building some clips, why not shoot us an email (NoontimeSports@gmail.com), so we can start a conversation!

All in all, we’re excited to expand over coverage to LinkedIn and hope you will follow us on our brand new business page!

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