Report: College Football Will Not Be Played Until Campuses Reopen

College football will not resume until students return to campuses. (PHOTO COURTESY:

By Matt Noonan | @NoontimeNation 

For the moment, it appears as if the upcoming college football season, along with other fall sports, will not occur until campuses across the country reopen.

In a 30-minute phone call with Vice President Mike Pence, the commissioners of the premier college football conferences learned that due to the coronavirus (COVID-19), no college sporting events can be played until students return to campus. And that certainly makes sense.

As of this afternoon, there have been no fall sporting events canceled, including contests here in New England, but that could change come June or July.

Will schools re-open for fall classes? That remains an unknown, but at the moment it appears college football will remain in a holding pattern – the same could be said for soccer and volleyball matches, field hockey contests, and cross country meets – until students return to campus.

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