Florida’s Mullen Is “Hopeful” For A College Football Season

University of Florida’s Dan Mullen is “certainly hopeful” about a college football season in the fall. (PHOTO COURTESY: Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images/AL.com)

By Matt Noonan 

The upcoming college football season, along with other sports leagues and games continues to be on the mind of many these days, including the University of Florida‘s Dan Mullen.

The Florida football coach told Matt Baker of the Tampa Bay Times yesterday that he is “certainly hopeful” for a college football season to be played this fall. But the soon-to-be third-year head coach of the Blue and Orange knows nothing is certain these days as the coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to spread both locally and across the country.

“If you look four months ago we were in a very different place in this country than we are now,” Mullen said to Baker. “So to say where we’ll be in four months is hard to do. But I’m certainly hopeful, I’m sure everyone is out there.”

Indeed, I and many are hopeful and optimistic that both Mullen’s and other campaigns will resume or commence sooner than later, but with so much unknown these days, it is hard to predict if and when a college football season will kickoff.

Locally, Harvard University plans to reopen in the fall, but it is not definite that classes will take place on campus. Its most likely students will continue learning remotely, which would certainly impact fall sports.

But like we do most days, we’ll wait and see what comes our way, both tomorrow and the next day.

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