Texas’ Del Conte Believes College Football Is “Going To Happen In The Fall.”

Del Conte
University of Texas athletic director Chris Del Conte believes a college football season could happen this fall. (PHOTO COURTESY: Fort Worth Star-Telegram/Eric Gay (AP))

By Matt Noonan 

In a recent interview with Horns247 columnist Chip Brown, the University of Texas athletic director Chris Del Conte said he believes there will be college football taking place this fall.

“I do believe we’re going to have football in the fall,” Del Conte told Brown during this afternoon’s ‘Live Virtual Chat,’ which can be seen on the 247Sports YouTube channel.

In addition to saying that he believes football will happen, Del Conte also stressed the importance of safety, especially with getting fans of the Longhorns “into the stadium.”

Safety will be the number one priority for all schools with getting their student-athletes back on the field. Additionally, every institution must follow the NCAA’s nine-step and three-phase plan, which would help schools like Texas be able to play its upcoming slate of games.

Del Conte is not the only one that seems to believe college football games will occur in a few months. As we reported last Friday, the University of Alabama President Dr. Stuart Bell told local media members that his school will “have a football season and fans will be part of it in our stadium.”

Of course, there are others that seem to believe college football will take place later this year, but it is hard to predict, especially during a time when so many states are beginning to reopen and the situation remains fluid. But it is possible some areas of the country, which have not been affected too much by the coronavirus (COVID-19) could see games played – maybe with no fans? – while others such as Connecticut, Massachusetts, Michigan, New York, and New Jersey may not host sporting events.

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