Daily Noontime: Friday, June 26, 2020


By Matt Noonan 

Happy Friday, everyone – we made it!

Before we cruise into the weekend, let’s dish out a brand new ‘Daily Noontime,’ which we know is coming a bit later than normal.

As usual, continue to smile and be happy, everyone, and have a wonderful weekend – stay cool, New England folks!

Noontime’s Headlines for Friday, June 26, 2020

  • With the return of baseball – is it really going to happen next month? – the Boston Red Sox provided a glimmer of hope – and probably some excitement, too – by posting a video about Truck Day on its Twitter handle.Does a truck – well, the second version of Truck Day – really excited you as a Red Sox fan? It doesn’t to me, but maybe some believe Truck Day 2.0 will get all sports fans excited to cheer on the local nine this summer (and fall).
  • The upcoming college sports season will look SO much different than it has previously. And one writer – Keith Srakocic – is sharing concern for the college athletes that would be asked to compete during an ongoing pandemic, which some think could be much worse than it is currently in a few months.
  • In addition to being somewhat concerned, as well as worried about the upcoming college football season, thoughts of if and when a high school season will happen are also being debated.Here are where things stand with each state as we continue to inch closer toward another season of high school football.
  • Morehouse College, which competes in the Southern Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (SCIA), announced today that they will not provide their student-athletes with a fall sports season, including football.The Maroon Tigers’ football program concluded its 2019 campaign with a 4-6 record, including a 2-4 record against conference foes.

    In addition to the upcoming football season, the school has also canceled its’ cross country season.

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