Daily Noontime: Wednesday, July 1, 2020


By NoontimeSports.com 

Welcome to the first day of July, everyone.

Additionally, welcome to the unofficial start of the second half of 2020 – man, it has been a crazy year, but as usual, we hope everyone is continuing to stay safe, healthy, and happy during this unprecedented time.

Let’s kick off a new month – and yes, the second half of 2020 – with a brand new ‘Daily Noontime.’

Noontime’s Headlines for Wednesday, July 1, 2020 

  • The biggest news of the day revolves around baseball.It was announced – and yes, confirmed – yesterday afternoon around dinner time that there would be no Minor League Baseball season this summer. The announcement was made by Pat O’Conner, who is the president of Minor League Baseball.
  • So, with no Minor League Baseball, what does that mean for the sport, along with the various teams that compete both locally and around the country?Luckily, we have a few answers, including why the decision was made at this time.
  • With yesterday’s news surrounding Minor League Baseball, what does that mean about sports, in general, going forward, especially during a pandemic?All in all, the loss of Minor League Baseball is not good on many fronts, including the various communities that rely on these various teams to help their economy.
  • On somewhat of a brighter note, there will be some baseball taking place this summer. But according to Derek Jeter, who is currently the CEO of the Miami Marlins, the sport itself will “suffer” following recent negotiations between the league and Players Association.Are you excited for a short, abbreviated season, beginning later this month?
  • Finally, let’s share some good news: ESPN will air a documentary tonight at 9 p.m. eastern on the Boston Renegades football team, which won a national championship last summer.We are excited to tune in and learn more about this all women’s football team, which has enjoyed a great deal of success the past two years on the gridiron.

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