Daily Noontime: The MLB 2020 Season Is In Trouble


By Matt Noonan 

Happy Monday, everyone!

We’re coming to you a bit later than normal this morning due to some BIG news from the baseball world regarding two games being canceled this evening, including the Miami Marlins‘ home opener against the Baltimore Orioles.

As of now, 12 members of the Marlins have tested positive for the coronavirus (Covid-19), which is NOT good news.

In addition to Miami-Baltimore, the New York Yankees and Philadelphia Phillies will not play tonight. The Marlins were in Philadelphia this past weekend and beat the Phillies twice.

Both games should be made up, but it is possible they may not due to the ongoing pandemic.

While today’s news should certainly be a concern for many, it should also set off warning bells for the NFL, which hopes to “complete” an entire 2020 season.

Speaking of a complete season, Mike Florio and Chris Simms discussed that word this morning during a segment of ProFootballTalk.

Stay tuned for more posts – we will try to find something positive to share with everyone later today! 

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