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Somerville, Mass. – With great excitement, Noontime Sports, which has focused the past 11 years on content creation on various New England small colleges, high schools, and amateur sports, is excited to announce they will be launching their first-ever sports league and tournament – possibly a field day, too – next summer.

An exact date and time for the Noontime Sports Social Experience will be announced early next year. 

“Today’s announcement about adding a Noontime Sports social experience – an adult sports league, tournament or field day, to be exact – is extremely exciting,” said Noonan, who launched Noontime Sports in May 2009. 

“For the past decade, the team and I have solely been focused on content creation – blogs, podcasts, videos, and photos galleries – but adding a new element such as an actual sports league is something we have discussed previously, but also an initiative we look forward to creating and providing for our future players.” 

The Noontime Sports Social Experience will focus heavily on the players’ experience, according to Noonan, who wants to provide a similar atmosphere they were accustomed to competing in college and high school. 

“I see this league has an opportunity for not just our players to enjoy a similar, but competitive feel they endured while competing for their respective college or high school sports team or program, but also something we as fans are used to seeing in both professional and minor leagues,” said Noonan. 

“Our biggest goal is to create a safe and welcoming environment for everyone with an emphasis on social when it comes to social sports.” 

The Noontime Sports Social Experience will begin with a flag football league, but the team plans to add on additional sports and events, including 3-on-3 halfcourt basketball, floor and roller hockey, 7-on-7 touch rugby, lacrosse, and tennis, both singles and doubles. Noonan also hopes to provide prospective players with other options either later next year or in 2022 such as swimming, water polo, and cross country. 

“We are very excited about today’s news regarding the official start of our Noontime Sports Social Experience leagues and tournaments, but also know there is a lot of work to be done,” said Noonan.

“We look forward to keeping everyone updated with future posts and videos, along with some podcasts updates, too.” 

As always, make sure to stay connected with Noontime Sports on FacebookInstagramTwitter, and YouTube – have a great day, everyone! 

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