Noontime Sports Update: We’re Closed

By Matt Noonan

Dear Noontime Sports fans and friends:

I hope this note (and post) finds everyone doing well, staying safe and healthy, while thinking optimistically – better days are ahead, everyone. I believe it!

Today, I am writing to announce a site update for the remainder of 2020: we will be closed with plans of restarting our blog (and site) next January!

Additionally, our rebranded podcast – The Matt Noonan Podcast – will not begin its second season until next January (at the earliest!).

To say these past few weeks and months have been tough when it comes to daily, weekly and monthly coverage would be an understatement. But I am extremely grateful to everyone that has provided both my colleagues and I with the opportunity to produce some positive content during these unprecedented times.

Additionally, I want to thank everyone that has joined me, both recently and over the past few years for podcast interviews – I truly appreciate our various guests carving out time to join me, as well as answer a slew of my questions. And for our listeners (at home or in the car), thank you for tuning in – hopefully I didn’t say “um” too many times (fingers crossed!).

While this was certainly not an easy decision, I do believe this short break will allow me to comeback reenergized to produce some content that I love, but also enjoy sharing with my colleagues, friends, family members, and fans. And while I have said it before, I will say it again, I am extremely thankful to everyone that has provided me an opportunity to cover their respective athletic teams and programs to those that have granted me access to some amazing events over the past 11 years.

Please continue to stay safe and well, everyone, and I hope you all have a wonderful rest of 2020 while enjoying some holiday cheer either in-person or remotely!

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