Noontime’s Podcast Rewind (Dec. 20-23)


With the “workweek” slowly coming to a close — yes, we know this is more a “holiday week” — we have decided to start a new weekly post beginning today that will highlight (and yes, revisit) our podcast episode(s) from each week.

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This week, Matt Noonan (host/producer) of the Noontime Sports Podcast welcomed two guests: Kelly Johnson (Kelly Johnson Foundation | The Daily Grind) and Larry Anderson (MIT men’s basketball coach).

First, let’s tell you about our Monday chat with Kelly Johnson: Johnson, who is the founder of the Kelly Johnson Foundation and executive director (and host) of The Daily Grind podcast, chats with Matt about starting an organization to hosting a podcast with an emphasis on inspiring, but also telling stories of various individuals from various fields. Johnson also shares an important thought for our listeners: make every day count.

Our second show of the week, which was released earlier today (Thursday, December 23) featured Larry Anderson of MIT men’s basketball.

Let’s tell you more about the show: Anderson joins Noonan to discuss a variety of topics, including culture, what it takes for a program like the Engineers’ basketball team to be successful to mentorship, and yes, more. The two also discuss mindfulness and identifying time for oneself, which can help us learn and grow. This show, like the one above, will certainly inspire you.

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