Noonan: Reflecting On 13 Years of Noontime Sports

By Matt Noonan

In May 2009, I started a blog. I titled it Noontime Sports.

And it has been quite the ride.

13 years later, I am still blogging – how is that possible? – and producing a variety of content like videos and graphics for social media on numerous teams I, along with friends and colleagues, like to highlight (and cover), including those here in Massachusetts.

But like I do every May, I reflect on this journey that has taken me from a college dorm room at Wheaton College (Mass.) to various stadiums, field houses, hockey rinks, and baseball diamonds throughout New England.

I could have never imagined when I started this site that I would be credentialed for a few games, not every contest, of the Boston Bruins Stanley Cup run in 2011 (we were not there for any playoff game, but did this thing called “remote” coverage where we watch the game from a couch or living room chair).

I could have never imagined that I would be allowed to cover not one, but a few high school football state championships at Gillette Stadium.

And I certainly did not imagine the following we would gain over the last few years for small college athletics – think New England NCAA Division III schools and programs.

Noontime Sports has and continues to be an important part of my life – hey, I think it has been the driver for meeting so many amazing people (like you, our fans, and followers) at games or coffee shops to the occasional supermarket aisle (yes, I did meet a fan of our content in a supermarket in 2017). But like I say every year around this time, let’s keep the party going.

Here is to an exciting 13th year of blogging to creating content – hey, you never know if this is the year where something big happens!

Thanks to everyone for their continued support for coverage!

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