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Welcome to Noontime Sports, a website dedicated to New England sports coverage – pros, colleges, and high schools – along with some tech and culture posts, too.

Started in May 2009, Noontime Sports has grown into a go-to site for numerous New England Division III sports fans from our coverage of basketball, football, and lacrosse. Additionally, our site has welcomed numerous Worcester college basketball fans through our weekly Worcester Area College Basketball Association (WACBA) honor roll after establishing a partnership with the organization during the 2012-13 school year.

Our site has been there to cover must-see events and games, including Hockey East Championships to college lacrosse and high school football at Gillette Stadium to outdoor hockey at Fenway Park.

In May 2019, our site celebrated a HUGE milestone of 10 years of blogging, which a tribute to our amazing fans and friends of the site – thank you for the amazing support!

As our editor and founder, Matt Noonan says, “Noontime Sports is more than a passion, but a labor of love. I get to tell stories on a daily basis about numerous New England student-athletes, coaches and teams while sharing thoughts through podcasts and videos.”

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  1. Guys,
    Check out what is happening at University of New England. The President raised $15 MM + to bring in football. They built a 60,000 sq ft. addition to the athletic facility that was already one of the best in DIII. Brand new locker rooms, meeting rooms and training facilities. Right now they are putting the finishing touches on a brand new football stadium (Blue Turf) with 3,000 seats. In their first sub-varsity game at Curry College in September of 2017 over 1,000 UNE fans showed up. UNE’s first every varsity game will be at Coast Guard Academy on August 30th.
    Mike Lichten and his coaching staff have cris-crossed the country recruiting players. Every state in New England is represented in addition to NY, NJ, PA, Fla, TX, CA. and Washington State.

    A great New England College Football Story.


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