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Introducing @NoontimeSB On Twitter

NS SOFTBALL LOGOBy | @NoontimeSports 

The Noontime Sports social media family expanded earlier today with @NoontimeSB (Noontime Softball) joining our Twitter family.

Noontime Softball becomes the newest handle under our Noontime brand, which joins other accounts, including Noontime Baseball, Noontime Football and Noontime Hoops (Basketball).

Our goal is to use this handle to promote news, notes and scores from the New England softball world, specifically college and high school. Additionally, we will use the channel to share softball content we aim to create here on

Finally, be on the lookout for our first-ever Noontime Softball New England D3 Top 10 Poll next spring – for those interested in helping us with our weekly poll, please reach out to

Thanks again and we hope you will toss a follow to @NoontimeSB today so you can join our softball conversation!

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