The Football Podcast

Football Podcast

Are you ready to talk some football? 

Welcome to the Noontime Sports: The Football Podcast

Originally titled “Football Friday Podcast,” our rebranded show features interviews and analysis from the professional, college and high school football world. 

Fans can expect one or two podcasts each week, so be on the lookout for future episodes through our site (here!) and social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn)! 

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EPISODE 35: Mike Lichten (Univ. of New England Football)

EPISODE 34: Dan Mulrooney (Anna Maria Football)

EPISODE 33: Bill George & Jake Behne (Coast Guard Academy Football)

EPISODE 32: James Baker (In The D3FB Huddle) 

EPISODE 31: Brian Bubna (MIT Football) 

EPISODE 30: James Baker (In The D3 Football Huddle) 

EPISODE 29: Dan Mulrooney (Anna Maria Football) 

EPISODE 28: Malik Hall (Bates College)

EPISODE 27: Jason Lebeau (Western New England Football) 

EPISODE 26: Chip Knapp (Wesley Football) 

EPISODE 25: James Baker (D3FB Huddle | Season Two)

Episode 24: Brian Bubna (MIT Football)

EPISODE 23: Paul McGonagle (Endicott College Football) 

EPISODE 22: Coast Guard Academy Coach George & Cam Cecchini

EPISODE 21: Brendan Costa (Bates College Quarterback)

EPISODE 20: James Baker (In The D3FB Huddle)

EPISODE 19: Joe Loth (Western Conn.) 

EPISODE 18: Howard Herman (Berkshire Eagle)

EPISODE 17: Chris Robertson (WPI)

EPISODE 16: James Baker (In The D3FB Huddle) | 10 Games To Watch In Week 8

EPISODE 15: Mark Raymond (Williams College)

EPISODE 14: Matt Falkenbury (SUNY Maritime Football Play-By-Play) 

EPISODE 13: James Baker (In The D3FB Huddle)

EPISODE 12: Chad Martinovich (MIT)

EPISODE 11: James Baker (In The D3FB Huddle)

EPISODE 10: Mike Gutelius (Catholic University)

EPISODE 9: Jeff Devanney (Trinity College)

EPISODE 8: Steve Tirrell (Dean College)

EPISODE 7: James Baker (In The D3FB Huddle) | 2017 Season Preview)

EPISODE 6: Bill George & Ethan Goldcamp (Coast Guard Academy)

EPISODE 5: Tom Kelley (Framingham State)

EPISODE 4: Mike Cerasuolo (Springfield College)

EPISODE No. 3: John Kelly Jr. (USMMA Play-By-Play Broadcaster)

EPISODE No. 2: James Baker (In The D3FB Huddle)

EPISODE No. 1: Dan Mulrooney (Anna Maria College | Season One)