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The Noontime Nation Podcast is a rebranded version of our site’s original show, the Noontime Sports Podcast, which launched in 2010. The show covers a variety of topics from sports media, social media, sports business and so much more! 

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EPISODE 110: Howard Herman (Berkshire Eagle) (June 12, 2020) 

EPISODE 109: Nichole Davie (WBZ News Radio 1030 AM Boston) (June 10, 2020) 

EPISODE 108: Hank Morse (Podcast Host/Lobey, Lynchie and Friends) (June 8, 2020) 

EPISODE 107: Zach Weiss (Across The Cavs) (June 1, 2020)

EPISODE 106: Lee W. Mowen (The Cincinnati and Dayton Sports Podcast) (May 20, 2020) 

EPISODE 105: Hayden Bird ( (May 6, 2020) 

EPISODE 104: Dan Dutcher (NCAA D-III Vice President) (April 30th, 2020)

EPISODE 103: Noontime’s Take on attending sports in the post coronavirus (COVID-19) world. (April 29th, 2020) 

EPISODE 102: John Rollins (Direct. of Operations and Finance w/ Beat The Streets NYC) (April 22nd, 2020)

EPISODE 101: Mike Loveday ( (April 16th, 2020)

EPISODE 100: Noontime’s Take: Should we pull the plug on spring sports? (Monday, April 13th, 2020) 

EPISODE 99: James Baker (In The D3FB Huddle) (Friday, April 10th, 2020)

EPISODE 98: Gavin Viano (Wheaton College Athletic Director) (Friday, April 10th, 2020)

EPISODE 97: Lauren Campbell ( (Friday, April 3rd, 2020) 

EPISODE 96: Ben Heisler (Awful Announcing Podcast Host) (Wednesday, April 1st, 2020) 

EPISODE 95: Aaron Morse (Bates College Athletics) (Friday, March 27th, 2020) 

EPISODE 94: James Baker (In The D3FB Huddle) (March 13th, 2020) 

EPISODE 93: Howard Herman (Berkshire Eagle) on the 2020 NCAA D-III Basketball Tournament (first and second-round match-ups) (March 6th, 2020) 

EPISODE 93: Natalie West (University of New Hampshire Lecturer – Sports Studies) (Feb. 27th, 2020) 

EPISODE 92: Mike Rejniak (GM & Coach of We Are D3 TBT) (Feb. 26th, 2020) 

EPISODE 91: Howard Herman (Berkshire Eagle) on the 2020 NESCAC Basketball Tournaments (Feb. 21st, 2020) 

EPISODE 90: Chris Lynch (Play-By-Play Broadcaster & College Hockey Reporter) (Feb. 19th, 2020) 

EPISODE 89: Noontime’s Take on the 2020 NESCAC Basketball Tournaments (Feb. 18th, 2020) 

EPISODE 88: Noontime’s Take on New England D-III Basketball This Week (Feb. 10th, 2020) 

EPISODE 87: John Rollins (Beat The Streets New York City Wrestling (January 28th, 2020) 

EPISODE 86: Howard Herman (Berkshire Eagle) (January 24th, 2020)

EPISODE 85: Aaron Morse (Bates College Athletics) (January 22nd, 2020)

EPISODE 84: Matt Noonan’s thoughts on Alex Cora, the Boston Red Sox, and Major League Baseball (MLB) (January 14th, 2020)

EPISODE 83: Lauren Campbell ( (January 9th, 2020) 

EPISODE 82: Matt Noonan’s 2019 New England D-III Football Recap (Nov. 26, 2019)

EPISODE 81: Matt Noonan recaps the first round of the NCAA D-III Football Tournament (New England style, of course), along with the New England Bowls. (Nov. 24th, 2019) 

EPISODE 80: Matt Noonan recaps the ninth week of the New England D-III Football season (Nov. 3rd, 2019) 

EPISODE 79: Rob Thompson (Athletic Development & Startup Advisor) (Oct. 29th, 2019) 

EPISODE 78: Matt Noonan recaps the eighth week of the New England D-III Football season (Oct. 28th, 2019) 

EPISODE 77: Matt Noonan recaps the seventh week of the New England D-III Football season (Oct. 20th, 2019) 

‘EPISODE 76: Matt Noonan recaps the sixth week of the New England D-III Football season. (Oct. 13th, 2019) 

EPISODE 75: Matt Noonan previews the sixth week of the New England D-III Football season (Oct. 11th, 2019) 

EPISODE 74: Matt Noonan recaps the fifth week of New England D-III Football (Oct. 6th, 2019) 

EPISODE 73: Matt Noonan recaps the third weekend of New England D-III Football (Sept. 22nd, 2019)

EPISODE 72: Matt Noonan recaps the second weekend of New England D-III Football (Sept. 15th, 2019)

EPISODE 71: Matt Noonan recaps the first weekend of New England D-III Football (Sept. 7th, 2019)

EPISODE 70: Nick Marrocco (Boston Cannons) 

EPISODE 69: Matt Brown, co-author of Line Change: A True Story of Resilience in the Face of Adversity

EPISODE 68: Brian Kormondy and Bryce Wasserman (Dallas Rattlers) 

EPISODE 67: John Rollins (Sports Consultant) 

EPISODE 66: Trevor Hass (Editor/Reporter Duxbury Clipper) 

EPISODE 65: Jean Bain (Brandeis University Men’s Basketball) 

EPISODE 64: Chris Harvey (Salem State University Men’s Basketball)


EPISODE 63: Nicole Chaszar (Western New England Women’s Basketball) 

EPISODE 62: Howard Herman (Berkshire Eagle Sports)

EPISODE 61: Aaron Morse (Bates College Athletics) 

EPISODE 60: Danny Lawson (Emmanuel College Men’s Basketball)

EPISODE 59: Matt Ducharme (UMass Dartmouth Women’s Basketball)

EPISODE 58: Emily Garner (Trinity College Women’s Basketball)

EPISODE 57: Scott Faucher (Nichols College Men’s Basketball)

EPISODE 56: Jean Bain (Brandeis Univ. Men’s Basketball Coach) 

EPISODE 55: Bernie Nicholls (All Sports Market | Former NHL Player) 

EPISODE 54: Davey Emala (Professional Lacrosse Player) 

EPISODE 53: David Lasday, COO of Israel Lacrosse 

EPISODE 52: Geoff Smith (Berkshire Eagle Sports Editor)

EPISODE 51: Greg Levinsky (Boston Univ. | Multimedia Sports Journalist Student)

EPISODE 50: Lauren Campbell (NESN Assistant Content Producer) 

EPISODE 49: Austin Lee (Brand Manager, Dallas Rattlers)

EPISODE 48: Matthew Glick (Founder, CEO of Gipper)

EPISODE 47: Joshua Kummins (New England Baseball Journal & New England Hockey Journal)

EPISODE 46: Howard Herman (Berkshire Eagle)

EPISODE 45: Katie Bowler, Somerville Journal

EPISODE 44: Sue Develin, VP, Marketing Your Call, Inc.

EPISODE 43: Shawn Medeiros (Endicott College Athletics)

EPISODE 42: Hayden Bird ( Sports) 

EPISODE 41: Howard Herman (Berkshire Eagle Sports)

EPISODE 40: Emerson Lotzia (NESN, Boston 25 Sports & Lax Sports Network) 

EPISODE 39: Maurice Shalam (Founder and CEO of FanVests)

EPISODE 38: Noontime Sports End of The Year Podcast for 2017!

EPISODE 37: Coach Paul McGonagle (Endicott College Football) 

EPISODE 36: James Baker of In The D3FB Huddle | D3 Football Week 10 Talk

EPISODE 35: Kat Cornetta (

EPISODE 34: Howard Herman (Berkshire Eagle)

EPISODE 33: 10 Games To Watch in D3 Football with James Baker of In The D3FB Huddle (Friday, Oct. 20th) 

EPISODE 32: Aaron Morse (Assistant Sports Information Director at Bates College)

EPISODE 31: James Baker (In The D3FB Huddle)

EPISODE 30: Antwan Staley (Managing Editor of Dolphins Wire for USA Today)

EPISODE 29: Neil Ravin (Director of PR & Social Media for the EHL)

EPISODE 28: Will Baggett (College Football Playoffs |Contributor to Front Office Sports) 

EPISODE 27: Craig Kaufman (Mount Ida College Athletics | Sports Information Director) 

EPISODE 26: Ty Anderson ( 

EPISODE 25: Logan Hansen (Hansen Ratings) 

EPISODE 24: John Cabral (College Sports Play-By-Play Broadcaster)

EPISODE 23: John Cabral (College Sports Play-By-Play Broadcaster)

EPISODE 22: Howard Herman (Berkshire Eagle)

EPISODE 21: Joe Parello (

EPISODE 20: Hayden Bird (

EPISODE 19: Dan Libon (

EPISODE 18: Andy Mahoney (Boston Globe Sports Producer)

EPISODE 17: Will Ahmed (Founder & CEO of WHOOP)

EPISODE 16: David Tanklefsky (WHDH 7 News Projects Producer)

EPISODE 15: Mike Loveday (

EPISODE 14: James Baker (In The D3FB Huddle)

EPISODE 13: Adam Turer (

EPISODE 12: Nick Gelso (CEO & Founder of CLNS Media)

EPISODE 11: Jordan Nilsen (CTO & Co-Founder of HERO Sports)

EPISODE 10: Erik Frenz (Author of Bill Belichick vs. the NFL.)

EPISODE 9: Matt Noonan’s Thoughts on NFL, Basketball & Football (Oct. 2016)

EPISODE 8: Howard Herman (Berkshire Eagle)

EPISODE 7: James Baker (In The D3FB HuddLLe)

EPISODE 6: John Rollings (Vice President for Administration / Chief Financial Officer at ECAC)

EPISODE 5: James Baker (In The D3FB Huddle)

EPISODE 4: T. H Paul (Author/Writer)

EPISODE 3: Alex Reimer (

EPISODE 2: Nick Coit (ABC6 Sports, Providence, R.I.):

EPISODE 1: Welcome Back, Noontime Sports the Podcast!