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Welcome to the Matt Noonan Podcast!

The Matt Noonan Podcast is a rebranded version of our site’s original show, the Noontime Sports Podcast, which launched in 2010. The show covers an array of topics from sports media to social media to sports business and so much more! 

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EPISODE 73: Matt Noonan recaps the third weekend of New England D-III Football (Sept. 22nd, 2019)

EPISODE 72: Matt Noonan recaps the second weekend of New England D-III Football (Sept. 15th, 2019)

EPISODE 71: Matt Noonan recaps the first weekend of New England D-III Football (Sept. 7th, 2019)

EPISODE 70: Nick Marrocco (Boston Cannons) 

EPISODE 69: Matt Brown, co-author of Line Change: A True Story of Resilience in the Face of Adversity

EPISODE 68: Brian Kormondy and Bryce Wasserman (Dallas Rattlers) 

EPISODE 67: John Rollins (Sports Consultant) 

EPISODE 66: Trevor Hass (Editor/Reporter Duxbury Clipper) 

EPISODE 65: Jean Bain (Brandeis University Men’s Basketball) 

EPISODE 64: Chris Harvey (Salem State University Men’s Basketball)


EPISODE 63: Nicole Chaszar (Western New England Women’s Basketball) 

EPISODE 62: Howard Herman (Berkshire Eagle Sports)

EPISODE 61: Aaron Morse (Bates College Athletics) 

EPISODE 60: Danny Lawson (Emmanuel College Men’s Basketball)

EPISODE 59: Matt Ducharme (UMass Dartmouth Women’s Basketball)

EPISODE 58: Emily Garner (Trinity College Women’s Basketball)

EPISODE 57: Scott Faucher (Nichols College Men’s Basketball)

EPISODE 56: Jean Bain (Brandeis Univ. Men’s Basketball Coach) 

EPISODE 55: Bernie Nicholls (All Sports Market | Former NHL Player) 

EPISODE 54: Davey Emala (Professional Lacrosse Player) 

EPISODE 53: David Lasday, COO of Israel Lacrosse 

EPISODE 52: Geoff Smith (Berkshire Eagle Sports Editor)

EPISODE 51: Greg Levinsky (Boston Univ. | Multimedia Sports Journalist Student)

EPISODE 50: Lauren Campbell (NESN Assistant Content Producer) 

EPISODE 49: Austin Lee (Brand Manager, Dallas Rattlers)

EPISODE 48: Matthew Glick (Founder, CEO of Gipper)

EPISODE 47: Joshua Kummins (New England Baseball Journal & New England Hockey Journal)

EPISODE 46: Howard Herman (Berkshire Eagle)

EPISODE 45: Katie Bowler, Somerville Journal

EPISODE 44: Sue Develin, VP, Marketing Your Call, Inc.

EPISODE 43: Shawn Medeiros (Endicott College Athletics)

EPISODE 42: Hayden Bird ( Sports) 

EPISODE 41: Howard Herman (Berkshire Eagle Sports)

EPISODE 40: Emerson Lotzia (NESN, Boston 25 Sports & Lax Sports Network) 

EPISODE 39: Maurice Shalam (Founder and CEO of FanVests)

EPISODE 38: Noontime Sports End of The Year Podcast for 2017!

EPISODE 37: Coach Paul McGonagle (Endicott College Football) 

EPISODE 36: James Baker of In The D3FB Huddle | D3 Football Week 10 Talk

EPISODE 35: Kat Cornetta (

EPISODE 34: Howard Herman (Berkshire Eagle)

EPISODE 33: 10 Games To Watch in D3 Football with James Baker of In The D3FB Huddle (Friday, Oct. 20th) 

EPISODE 32: Aaron Morse (Assistant Sports Information Director at Bates College)

EPISODE 31: James Baker (In The D3FB Huddle)

EPISODE 30: Antwan Staley (Managing Editor of Dolphins Wire for USA Today)

EPISODE 29: Neil Ravin (Director of PR & Social Media for the EHL)

EPISODE 28: Will Baggett (College Football Playoffs |Contributor to Front Office Sports) 

EPISODE 27: Craig Kaufman (Mount Ida College Athletics | Sports Information Director) 

EPISODE 26: Ty Anderson ( 

EPISODE 25: Logan Hansen (Hansen Ratings) 

EPISODE 24: John Cabral (College Sports Play-By-Play Broadcaster)

EPISODE 23: John Cabral (College Sports Play-By-Play Broadcaster)

EPISODE 22: Howard Herman (Berkshire Eagle)

EPISODE 21: Joe Parello (

EPISODE 20: Hayden Bird (

EPISODE 19: Dan Libon (

EPISODE 18: Andy Mahoney (Boston Globe Sports Producer)

EPISODE 17: Will Ahmed (Founder & CEO of WHOOP)

EPISODE 16: David Tanklefsky (WHDH 7 News Projects Producer)

EPISODE 15: Mike Loveday (

EPISODE 14: James Baker (In The D3FB Huddle)

EPISODE 13: Adam Turer (

EPISODE 12: Nick Gelso (CEO & Founder of CLNS Media)

EPISODE 11: Jordan Nilsen (CTO & Co-Founder of HERO Sports)

EPISODE 10: Erik Frenz (Author of Bill Belichick vs. the NFL.)

EPISODE 9: Matt Noonan’s Thoughts on NFL, Basketball & Football (Oct. 2016)

EPISODE 8: Howard Herman (Berkshire Eagle)

EPISODE 7: James Baker (In The D3FB HuddLLe)

EPISODE 6: John Rollings (Vice President for Administration / Chief Financial Officer at ECAC)

EPISODE 5: James Baker (In The D3FB Huddle)

EPISODE 4: T. H Paul (Author/Writer)

EPISODE 3: Alex Reimer (

EPISODE 2: Nick Coit (ABC6 Sports, Providence, R.I.):

EPISODE 1: Welcome Back, Noontime Sports the Podcast!