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BCS Bedlam

"Oh hey! Have fun in the National Title...NOT."

By Andy Lindberg

I’ll be the first to admit I’m stoked out of my mind.  I’m a rabid Alabama Crimson Tide fan and a few weeks ago, my national title hopes were done.  I needed serious divine football God intervention to even have a shred of hope.  I needed undefeated #2 Oklahoma State to lose, #5 Boise State to lose, #4 Stanford to lose.  Shoot, I could have even used losses out of Oregon and Oklahoma just to be sure.

Would I see ALL five of those teams losing?  Not likely.  Oklahoma State was a lock to beat Iowa State and Oregon would surely cream USC after ousting Stanford.

Wait, hold on a moment…

(They lost?  Who?  ALL of them?  ALL!?!?)

*Ahem*, this just in, WHAT THE $*@# BCS?!?  You shatter my dreams and then hand them RIGHT back!?!  You TOY with the emotions of the college football fan and it has gone on for TOO long!  I had accepted Alabama’s demise.  ACCEPTED!  Now you want to give me more hope after crushing the hearts of so many others?  How DARE you!

As super stoked as I am for Alabama once again, has there ever been a more glaring example of why Division 1 college football needs a playoff system?  There have been examples before, sure, but now it’s a free-for-all.  This is a football debacle.  The computer deciding the new rankings might actually go Skynet on us in an attempt to understand what the heck just happened.

I want a divorce from the BCS.  I’m citing irreconcilable differences.  BCS hit me at the dinner table in front of my children.  It’s a monster that for some reason cannot be stopped, like how the Kardashians are still famous.  There is no answer to why either still exists.

This posting may be short, but you know it’s sweet.  Aside from the fact that the BCS rakes in TONS of money, is there a legitimate reason the BCS should stay instead of a playoff system?  Please comment if you have a good reason, because I would genuinely like to hear it.  Or comment if you hate the BCS.  Either way.  Also take a look at the poll below.


Daily Noontime – June 7, 2011

Shawn Thornton took care of business on Monday, as his toughness paid off against the Vancouver Canucks!

Good Tuesday to everyone and welcome into yet another Daily Noontime! Have a great day and as always, enjoy today’s headlines and news! 


* Tyler Seguin was a “healthy-scratch” on Monday, which Shawn Thornton the opportunity to suit up and crash the boards for the Boston Bruins in Game 3 of the NHL Stanley Cup Finals.

* Monday was a tough evening for Vancouver Canucks goaltender Roberto Luongo who watched the puck go by him eight times.

* Vancouver’s Aaron Rome provided an unnecessary hit to Nathan Horton during the first period of Game 3 of the Stanley Cup Finals on Monday and yes, the NHL should certainly consider suspending him, right?

* The Miami Heat lead the NBA Finals series against the Dallas Mavericks, 2-1 and a major reason is due to the success of LeBron James.

* Golden State has a brand new head coach for the Warriors, as former NBA player and ESPN broadcaster Mark Jackson was hired for three-years.

* It’s official, University of Southern California has been stripped of their 2004 BCS Title against Oklahoma, but what exactly does that mean?

Games to Watch: 

*Oakland at Baltimore (MLB) – 7:05pm eastern

* Boston at New York Yankees (MLB) – 7:05pm eastern

* Chicago Cubs at Cincinnati (MLB) – 7:10pm eastern 

* Miami at Dallas (NBA Finals – Game 4) – 9:00pm eastern

Video of the Day: 

It was a wild one at the TD Garden on Monday between Boston and Vancouver! 

Daily Noontime – March 31, 2011

It’s certainly hard to believe, but here we are, the last day of March in 2011, wow! Well, while we relish the fact that one-third of the year is over, here is the Daily Noontime for March 31, 2011, have a fantastic day!


* With the MLB season beginning on Thursday, a bold prediction has been released that this year, stadiums will sell roughly 22.5 million hot dogs.

* The NFL continues to remain in a lockout and while the NBA is right behind them, MLB commissioner Bud Selig sure hopes his league won’t follow that same path.

* Buffalo Sabres rookie goaltender Jhonas Enroth may have filled the big shoes of Ryan Miller on Wednesday, but he did everything he could against the New York Rangers to help his team earn an important, 1-0 victory.

* Raper and part owner of the New Jersey Nets, Jay-Z is now under investigation with the NBA, which doesn’t sound good.

* With the lockout occurring and things still not going according to plan, it just seems that there is little sympathy for the NFL.

* College Football’s BCS committee is considering dropping the Fiesta Bowl due to scandal surrounding the event.

Games to Watch:

* Toronto at Boston (NHL) – 7:00pm eastern

* Pittsburgh at Tampa Bay (NHL) – 7:30pm eastern

* Boston at San Antonio (NBA) – 8:00pm eastern

* Dallas at San Jose (NHL) – 10:30pm eastern

* Dallas at Los Angles Lakers (NBA) – 10:30pm eastern

Video of the Day:

Nothing wrong when a young child scores on a professional soccer player, right?

Bill Hancock (Executive Director for the BCS) on Noontime Sports the Podcast

Bill Hancock, the Executive Director for the BCS (Bowl Championship Series) for College Football, joined Noontime Sports the Podcast on Wednesday, December 15, 2010, to discuss the upcoming bowl season, as well as recap the year.


For more information on the Bowl Championship Series, check out their website by clicking HERE!

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